Still More Global Warming News

Ron in Ohio sent me this story.

It may be May, but Spring has not quite sprung in the Golden State.

Parts of California still resemble a scene out of winter, with a series of storms bringing several feet of snow to mountain areas, ahead of a “significant” severe weather threat across the nation’s midsection.

How can that be? I thought the planet was burning up. Weren’t snowfalls supposed to be a “thing of the past”.

The National Weather Service said that a series of Pacific storms are bringing heavy rain, mountain snow, and gusty winds across the West. A winter storm warning was issued Wednesday night that will run through Friday morning for the southern Sierra Nevada.

The first storm, headed in from the Gulf of Alaska, is expected to bring up to an inch of rain in some areas of the Sacramento Valley and as much as 2 feet of snow in some mountain spots at elevations of about 7,000 feet.

Snow could fall at lower elevations on Thursday with 6-12 inches expected at pass levels, the National Weather Service said.

And here we are over half way through Spring and we’re still seeing winter storms? What’s going on here? Oh, I know, it’s global warming. Has anyone seen Pope Albert I of the Church of AGW? Is he in California? And didn’t that buffoon Bill Nye just show the planet burning up?

“Daytime highs today will drop as well down to as much as 20 degrees below normal for the date,” the agency added.

In Yosemite National Park, spokesman Scott Gediman told the Associated Press that popular 16-mile tourist route Glacier Point Road, which offers sweeping views of Yosemite Valley and Half Dome, closed Wednesday and will remain shuttered until the storms pass. A second system is expected to impact the region on Saturday.

The current storm is not expected to create widespread flooding because some snow has already melted, according to California Office of Emergency Services Director Mark Ghilarducci.

That’s a relief!

I read somewhere else that in Colorado Arapaho Basin and Breckinridge are still open for skiing. Breck is gonna be open through Memorial Day and maybe even later.

If this is global warming it’s a good thing we aren’t having global cooling.