Impeach Him!

Far left Dimocrats in Congress (and RINO Amash) are pushing for the impeachment of Trump. There will be a meeting of the Dimocrat caucus Wednesday morning where they will be pushing Speaker Blinky towards impeachment. Will the Dimocrats cross this Rubicon and start impeachment proceedings?

Oh please, please make this happen. The Dimocrat controlled House is already a circus with Jerry the Hut, Elijah Bullfrog Cummings, and Adam Shitt running amok. All we need now is impeachment proceedings to convince the American people they made a big mistake in voting for Dimocrats in the last election.

This is no surprise. Conservatives warned the American people this would happen but they were once again hoodwinked by “moderate” Dimocrats who said they wouldn’t vote for Blinky for Speaker. It wouldn’t matter! Voting for Dimocrats was voting for Blinky as Speaker, Mad Maxipad as chairman of the House Finance Committee, Bullfrog as chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Jerry the Hut as chairman of the House Judicial Committee, and Adam Shitt as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Voting for Dimocrats put the crazies in charge.

Americans should have learned from the last time they put Dimocrats in charge when we got Obumercare. That time Dimocrats ran to the right of a bunch of Republicans when the Republicans spent like Dimocrats and the Dimocrats promised fiscal responsibility. That will be the day. They passed a pay as you go bill and immediately ignored it.

After Obungler was elected, they rammed through Obummercare and a bogus stimulus plan for shovel ready infrastructure projects. Unfortunately, there weren’t any shovel ready projects and the money was wasted. Instead we got failed green energy companies like Solyndra. AOC and her merry band of Green New Deal acolytes want to give us more of the same.

Blinky may have lost control of her caucus to the likes of rocket scientist AOC who prolly think the Amish support impeachment. (Insert your own AOC joke here.)

The Dimocrats refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election and have been throwing a temper tantrum ever since. The Mueller probe turned up nothing so now they’re trying to get Trump on obstruction of justice. I guess that’s what they’ll try to hang their impeachment hopes on. Good luck with that. There was no collusion and there was no obstruction.

So for the next year, the American people will see the Dimocrat accomplish nothing but meddlesome hearings and an impeachment trial that may impeach Trump but will cost them the House in 2020 and will prolly get Trump elected in a landslide.

Bring it Dimocrats!