AOTW 5-24-2019

Hey! Howza ’bout that AOC? Didja know that cauliflower is racist? Yep! According to AOC it is. I guess it’s because it’s white.

But she didn’t get the AOTW Award. This week it goes to Speaker Blinky. I think The botox has finally corrupted her brain. She insults Trump then wonders why he won’t do a deal with her. Then she held a press conference where she calls him crazy (talk about projection) and sez his family needs to hold an intervention. Geez! Here’s part of her press conference.

Thanks to Paul.


7 comments on “AOTW 5-24-2019

  1. Fallout from impeachment attempts will be absolutely glorious. Barr will tear them apart. Hopefully, the long-simmering Panama Papers will figure in, linking the Clinton foundation(s) to offshore money laundering.

  2. Mizz Blinky obviously qualifies for Head-up-the-AOTW. Let’s hope she’s her Party’s Speaker for years into the future.

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