Still More Global Warming News

Ron in Ohio sent me this story.

It may be May, but Spring has not quite sprung in the Golden State.

Parts of California still resemble a scene out of winter, with a series of storms bringing several feet of snow to mountain areas, ahead of a “significant” severe weather threat across the nation’s midsection.

How can that be? I thought the planet was burning up. Weren’t snowfalls supposed to be a “thing of the past”.

The National Weather Service said that a series of Pacific storms are bringing heavy rain, mountain snow, and gusty winds across the West. A winter storm warning was issued Wednesday night that will run through Friday morning for the southern Sierra Nevada.

The first storm, headed in from the Gulf of Alaska, is expected to bring up to an inch of rain in some areas of the Sacramento Valley and as much as 2 feet of snow in some mountain spots at elevations of about 7,000 feet.

Snow could fall at lower elevations on Thursday with 6-12 inches expected at pass levels, the National Weather Service said.

And here we are over half way through Spring and we’re still seeing winter storms? What’s going on here? Oh, I know, it’s global warming. Has anyone seen Pope Albert I of the Church of AGW? Is he in California? And didn’t that buffoon Bill Nye just show the planet burning up?

“Daytime highs today will drop as well down to as much as 20 degrees below normal for the date,” the agency added.

In Yosemite National Park, spokesman Scott Gediman told the Associated Press that popular 16-mile tourist route Glacier Point Road, which offers sweeping views of Yosemite Valley and Half Dome, closed Wednesday and will remain shuttered until the storms pass. A second system is expected to impact the region on Saturday.

The current storm is not expected to create widespread flooding because some snow has already melted, according to California Office of Emergency Services Director Mark Ghilarducci.

That’s a relief!

I read somewhere else that in Colorado Arapaho Basin and Breckinridge are still open for skiing. Breck is gonna be open through Memorial Day and maybe even later.

If this is global warming it’s a good thing we aren’t having global cooling.

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  1. Yeah, rain in May, so what? It’s happened before in California and it’ll happen again. Snow later in the year, it’s happened before and it’ll happen again. I believe it was in ’69 while on Okinawa that I read in Stars & Stripes about Tioga Pass bein’ closed for snow on Fourth of July.

  2. Hey, GOC, I am your Sis’s and B.I.L.’s former neighbour so you know where I live. I have since move 2 counties up from my former home and the weathermen (not that they are always accurate), predicted that other than tomorrow and next Monday, we are going to have rain and thunderstorm everyday. All the way to just before Memorial Day. I have now lived around this area for 30 years and this is the first time that we are still having rain in May and now into late May. I am glad that we have people like Pope AGW I and AOC making all these wonderful but totally incorrect prediction about the end of Planet Earth. As long as they keep making these predictions, we will be safe.

  3. Update on my original posting Denny:

    Earlier today, I called our Daughter and her husband, a long-haul over-the-road trucking team (Keep-it-rolling and make lots of money) to warn them of what I read this morning. Turns out, they were still in the Western Midwest, on I-80, heading to Californicate. to the “San Faggot Bay” as our daughter calls it, over the Donner Pass, into the heart of the Reverse “Global Warming” fiasco.

    They decided to shut-down for a few hours in Western Nebraska until the shit stopped hitting Al Gore’s fan in the Sierras. They called about an hour ago to say that after checking Interstate Weather they now feel free to drive on and only expect a windy ride before the mountains.

    If anything is left, we expect the shit to hit our fan here in Ohio sometime Saturday. NOTHING good comes out of Californicate!

  4. Our Son works for the City of Mammoth Lakes, CA and drives a huge snow blower truck, the size of an 18 wheeler truck. Snow skiing is going on still now.

  5. Well if it’s any consolation, here on the Northeast coast, mid-May, temps have barely broken 50 degrees and with monsoon rains.

  6. Locally here in Erie Pa Global warming is causing havoc with record heat waves as average temperatures continue to rise which apparently keep Lake Erie free of ice longer which then results in record snow fall with colder temperatures as well as rising lake levels due too snow melt from the excess snow storms……according to Climate Change believers , environmentalists & other assorted Wakoloons .
    First issue …….Heat Waves & average temperature rise
    A. Record heat waves……I asked a number of these deluded souls how many times they thought the Official recorded Temperature rose to at least 100 degrees …answers ranged from 6 to as high as 30 timew s…correct answer is “ONCE” 29 years ago …… 100 degrees on the nose
    B Rising average temperature snce 1885……. Daily hottest records 39% since 1950 with 61% before 1950. Coldest daily temperatures …59% since 1950 & 41 % before 1950
    Second issue Snowfall …….Low temperatures & rising lake levels
    A.Last Year we received 199 inches of snow , but the Lake level rise was insignificant . This year we received 90.3 inches of snow & near record levels are anticipated.I guess I better make sure my boat is stocked with survival food & gear.
    B.Ice cover over Lake Erie did not reach the percentage as it did last year but we received far less snow then last year
    C. Lake Erie high water water levels……..They rely on two factors , snow fall & rain upstream from Lake Erie, both of which are higher in the mid west then normal ….Since the water flows from the upper great Lakes down thru Lake Erie to Ontario then to the sea , our local water levels historically go up & down .
    In the 1950`s we had record low levels , the hue & cry was the Lake was going to dry up. In the early 1970`s we had record high water level s& the roadways on our peninsula were awash in water. Now the worry was flooding. & Lake Bank erosion.
    D. I still cannot understand just how Wakoloons believe higher temperatures cause more Snow fall & lower temperatures since the truth about rising temps is BS.
    The one real truth is before 1950 we had only 2 winters when snowfall exceeded 100 inches, since then 31 winters have recorded 100 or more inches of snow.
    I do not believe for a minute Global Warming has anything to do with this .
    I think the planet is in the first stages of a start to the next ice age . Why? Because that is what the history of this planet has been many times in the past. Look at the big yellow ball in the sky for the real answers to ice age s& global warming.

  7. We’re still coming out of the last ice age. Global temps and CO2 levels right now are way below the average over the last 700 million years (the time during which complex multi-cellular life forms evolved), and there have been many glacial periods during that period. I wish it WAS getting warmer; once again, the Democrats promise but they never deliver. They had a 50:50 chance and they still got it wrong, because it’s sexier to say “the planet’s on fire.”

  8. I fully expect a hole in the ozone layer to open up between now and the election next year. With that, within ten years, we are all going to get skin cancer and die a painful death.
    We will be fine if we just walk to work and send all of our money to Washington DC.

  9. Having a very mild May here in w Texas-only a couple days in the 90s so far-usually every day is in the 90s+ by now. Fine with me.

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