Concentration Camps

Didja see that latest from Accidental-Kotex (Dimocrat Twit, New York)? She claims we’re running concentration camps on the southern border. Yeah, sure. The next thing she’ll say is that we’re firing up the ovens. Can you believe this booger eatin’ moh-ron actually graduated from a good college? The only people dumber than her are the people who elected her.

One of my readers sent me an email with a speech one of his friends wrote that he wishes Trump would deliver.

“A member of Congress has pointed out that we are running concentration camps along our southern border. That is such a grievous charge that I have ordered the Border Patrol to close the holding facilities and the southern border until further notice, All of those who were in those facilities are free to go, unlike the camps that were referred to by the Congressperson. All are free to go! They can go anywhere they want, except here in the United States. They don’t have that right. So they can return to whence they last came: Mexico. And then wherever they want. The United Stares of America is not running concentration camps anywhere and will not run the risk of being perceived, labeled or portrayed as running Nazi death camps. Congress pointed out the problem, I am awaiting their solution. So until Congress comes up with legislation to solve the border problem, I have stopped all immigration!

I want to thank Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for bringing this travesty to our attention!”

What about the irony that someone as anti-Semitic as AOC is comparing detention centers on our southern border to Nazi death camps? Amazing. This is the face of today’s Dimocrat Party. I don’t care how moderate your Dimocrat representative claims to be a vote for him/her is a vote for this inane twit.