Ronsday – AOC

Ron opines on why AOC is the way she is. Summation? Ignorance and indoctrination.

Don’t wanna talk ‘bout politics. So I ain’t a’gonna. Somethin completely different instead.

Several times recently I’ve mentioned that AOC (Ocasio-Cortez) isn’t exactly stupid. From what I can see, her brain works fine and if given a competency test in abstract and/or critical thinking, she’d do o.k. . . . you know, following instructions on how to do or make somethin, assemble a pre-fab computer desk, get the proper ingredients and make a great shepherd’s pie or Stromboli or pineapple upside-down cake.

I mean, hell . . . you wouldn’t last very long as a bartender if you couldn’t follow instructions and remember stuff. And she DOES have a degree from a fairly prestigious university. So she ain’t eggzackly a moron.

She’s simply a product of what our education system has become. She’s been indoctrinated in propaganda, steeped in balderdash, and certified in ignorance. Her instructors have been socialists, or worse, who taught her the same old mantras they chanted when they were working on their MAs and PhDs, and she learned them well enough to get her own degree without the slightest idea of how things work IRL.

AOC graduated cum laude from Boston University with the bachelor’s in economics and international relations. She also accomplished some noteworthy projects in high school in science and engineering, even having a small asteroid named after her by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory (23238 Ocasio-Cortez).

She interned in the immigration department for Ted Kennedy’s tenure and has been on or associated with several institutes, organizations, and committees related to Latino issues as they related to immigration and education. And running for public office ain’t the easiest thing in the world to succeed at . . . so she CAN’T be lazy OR stupid.

But she’s basically a progressive ‘bot.’ Her teachers were liberals, her professors were liberals, and she worked for Kennedy, Clinton, and Sanders. So what happened was that she got programmed, not educated. She got entrenched, not experienced. She got trained, not taught. And now she’s simply regurgitating the distortions hand-fed to her by the system.

She makes foxpaws with phrases such as “concentration camps” because she never actually learned the truth about them. She can’t see that words and phrases have not only strict denotations but often very powerful connotations.

And she’s not alone in this – Ilhan Omar, clearly brainwashed by her Islamic culture, sees nothing wrong with blaming Jews and White men for all the world’s problems when Israel offers Muslims freedoms their own religion denies them. In her native country, Omar would be compelled to keep her mouth shut in public. Now, with the freedoms offered by our system, she wants to run her mouth to change the US into an Islamic insect mound where she’s compelled to keep her mouth shut.

Technically AOC’s right about a concentration camp being essentially a detention center, but nobody ever made clear to her the emotional baggage that goes along with the connotation of deprivation, starvation, anatomical experimentation, subjugation, and extermination, not to mention slavery . . . all of which are powers of 10 removed from what US Border Patrol and ICE agents do with border jumpers.

AOC’s mental development has been like juice from the best wine grapes collected in a 55-gallon barrel originally used for shipping fertilizer, subjected to extremes of heat and cold at various intervals, stored in discarded plastic milk bottles, and left to age in a dumpster behind a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco’s Embarcadero district.

One of the best examples of her lack of common-knowledge education interfering with her critical-thinking logic was her instructing an MSNBC Forum that the 22nd Amendment was passed by right-wingers to prevent Franklin Roosevelt from seeking re-election.

She actually said, “They had to amend the Constitution to make sure Roosevelt did not get reelected.”

(If Dimocrats has super majorities, how did the Republicans amend the Constitution? – GOC)

To her, that was fact, truth, reality . . . because that’s what she’d been taught. It’s one of those “You have your truth and I have my truth” episodes, very much like Pelosi, or Schumer, or Nadler, or Comey, or Sanders, or O’Rourke, or Clinton would use.

The thing is, AOC probably believes that what she said WAS factual because one of her professors taught it to her that way. But the real truth is that FDR died during his 4th term in April 1945, and the 22nd Amendment wasn’t even proposed until 2 years later in 1947 and not ratified until 1951.

That professor was either similarly victimized and believed the false narrative or was deliberately misleading AOC as a student in his or her class. And the problem is that tenured professors can blather all the propaganda they like to defenseless students because they can’t be fired for it.

Watching AOC speak or reading her messages on social media platforms limiting the number of characters/words she can use, you see quickly that her brain works fine, but she’s so steeped in the nonsense of the “My Truths” she’s been taught that she genuinely believes the fake info she puts out, just as she was trained to do.

She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and although her brain tends to think logically, it does so with incomplete and inaccurate data, making her come across as “stupid” to those of us who actually read the books and know the facts or lived the life and rejected the fertilizer.

Her constant immersion in groupthink and the hysteria-du-jour along with the approval and support of radical leftwingers eager to discredit anyone daring to accuse them of spreading fake news has convinced her that she doesn’t have to fact check her references, her examples, her “truths.”

And the REAL problem is that she typifies what’s coming out of our colleges and universities today from coast to coast. Not only are they brainwashed to the point that they’re dangerously wrong much of the time, they’ve never been required to find out if they know what they’re talking about before they do it publicly, so they just chant what they heard from their professors and wait for the applause from the trained seals in the audience.