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Ron got his computer working again. Here’s his latest.

Somethin woke me around 0330 . . . think it was a passing rain squall. Came in here to read some blogs, which doesn’t do my state of mind any good these days with the constant clamor for immediate impeachment from the TDS mob and the clarion call of sweet socialism by loons with fancy degrees and multiple homes.

The Left’s new chant, when they’re not on the Down-With-Trump bandwagon, is “Make Communism Great Again.” Pelosi can’t decide which to surrender to . . . the noisy Cortez Kids on the far left demanding impeachment or the silent decomposition of her remaining cortex by Alzheimer’s.

The socialist/welfare state is just a big three-card-monte con game. First it takes people’s money away from them and then slowly gives it back to them with a big show. The greatest threat to implementing socialism is basic arithmetic.

At the bottom line, Socialism is a left-wing, bleeding-heart, fatally flawed Robin-Hood syndrome flavored with saccharine-sweet wussified sentimentality for deadbeats, loafers, freeloaders, foreigners, and other career parasites.

The utterly dismal success rate of socialism in every nation where it’s been implemented exposes the suggestion of resuscitating its corpse for the umpteenth time as an idea that only dilettantes, neophytes, delusional romantics, and ivory-tower intellectuals can contemplate over cucumber salad and chilled Chablis.

What the anti-capitalists refuse to see is that the only thing that has ever kept socialist nations afloat in the real world in massive cash infusions from successful capitalist nations. It may look good on paper, but in theory it works out about as well as Prohibition, the UN, and Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society.”

People such as Warren and Sanders and AOC use it as a kind of cause celebre, a feel-good, philanthropic, humanitarian panacea for lifting the poor out of poverty and deprivation . . . . with somebody else’s bucks.

The problem is that the highway to economic collapse is paved with unearned entitlements, especially for millions of foreigners who don’t even belong in the country in the first place.

The socialists rant about how capitalism exploits the worker: just a bunch of rich elites taking advantage of people trying to make a living. But the truth is that socialism is by its nature a flip-flop of that idea, with the workers taking advantage of the people with the investment capital that created jobs for them to begin with.

It’s just a wealth redistribution scheme for which nobody has yet even defined, much less designed, a safety net for when it fails. There’s no Halfway House Rehabilitation Center or Monitored Withdrawal Program or Betty Ford Clinic for addiction to socialism.

Its typical end product is colossal waste of resources through classic mismanagement, capital flight, factory shutdowns, infrastructure collapse, and eventual bloody revolution. I think it was Churchill who said that capitalism is the unequal sharing of wealth while socialism is the equal sharing of misery.

And it’s rather ironic to me that many of those advocating socialism are people who have become millionaires in our capitalist schema . . . Warren, Sanders, O’Rourke . . . more than willing to spread OTHER people’s accumulated wealth around, but clinging fiercely to their own, like Hollywood elites who oppose both guns and Trump’s wall but live inside walled compounds guarded by men with guns.

Yeah, it’s a fun dream, an interesting parlor discussion, a utopian fantasy . . . but the thing about dreams and BS sessions and fantasies is that at some point you have to snap out of them and go back into reality. ‘Cuz if you hang out too long in that alternate state, the only cure for your delusion is sleeping in your own filth on the streets as they do in America’s premiere socialist sanctuary Shangri-la . . . San Fran ShitShow.

8 comments on “Ronsday – Socialism

  1. Socialism is the exact reverse of capitalism. Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man. Socialism is the exact opposite: The exploitation of man by man!

  2. Bernie walks into a bar and yells “free drinks for everyone!”

    When the cheering subsides, he yells “who’s buying?”

  3. “classic mismanagement, capital flight, factory shutdowns, infrastructure collapse” Sounds just like Sacramento, all right. Problem is, all this is seen as a feature, not a bug.

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