Saturday Boobage 9-7-2017

Both Ray and Ron in Ohio sent me this one.

16 comments on “Saturday Boobage 9-7-2017

    • I’m with you, sir. No metal, nice and perky, light on the make-up. Looks as though she spends just enough time in the sun that she’d need somebody to help apply tanning lotion. Who here’d turn down helpin’ her?

  1. Ya’ know guys, I gotta’ accept the criticism. Although I see nothing wrong with her face & head, in comparison with Ray’s my submission did have oversized/photoshopped boobs. Ray’s version looks truer. Mine was not cropped height wise but it was cropped on the sides when I found it.

  2. Not photoshopped. She was just so perfectly focused by the photographer
    that there is an almost 3-D effect to the photo. I have debunked several
    liberal photoshop jobs including the forged high school yearbook of
    that woman who torpedoed Judge Roy Moore’s Senate run. This is the
    real deal, there are no fuzzy edges that always happens in tracing the image
    to copy it and the items in the background are slightly out of focus, which
    is normal for most photographs.

    PS Just to prove I’m not gay, those are some luscious titties there!

    • I Dunnow’ LJ – I have compared the copy I sent Denny last month to the one Ray sent him and the boobs in my copy are a cup size larger. The copy that Ray sent is definitely showing a better, more natural set, than is shown in what I found.

      I’m sure Denny did not de-emphasize the lady’s natural beauty. I stand by my apology and acknowledge Ray’s copy as the truest depiction. Of course, I would welcome the chance to have a personal eyeball and hands-on session to erase any doubts.

      • Now here’s a real scientist, one who’s willin’ to re-examine data and take a hands-on approach. Just remember, RiO, that the proof of any theory is that it can be duplicated by any and all researchers, thus any of the doubters here should be able to examine the data and arrive at the same conclusion.

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