Ronsday – The Rabid Left

Ron opines.

The relentless attacks on DJT are not on him alone but on all the people who voted for him and continue to support him. The obsessively petulant refusal of the left to accept a valid election result is a rebuke of the system itself. It’s as if they want to scrap the whole setup and go with a pure popularity contest based on who can raise the most money to establish the highest name recognition.

The Dems lie about Trump and selectively edit his remarks for their purposes, deliberately out of context, as they did with the “very fine people” comment and the “illegals are animals” thing, both of which have been completely debunked as false . . . disinformation spin of what actually was said.

Now the same merde is going for the infamous but innocent phone call with Zelensky during which Trump allegedly urged the Ukrainian leader to “dig up dirt” on his political opponents. Nowhere in the transcript do those words appear. What he said was “ [. . .] a lot of people want to find out about that [Biden’s son] so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution [from looking into illegal or unethical activities by Hunter Biden] so if you can look into it . . . it sounds horrible to me.”

The problem is that the hard-core left needs their daily injection of “get Trump” and won’t bother to read the transcript. They’ll buy the lie because it’s what they want to hear. This is not “reporting”; it’s Goebbels-like propaganda. A hundred years ago you could find yourself in a barrel for doin that stuff . . . or at the bidness end of a horsewhip.

What happened is that Hunter Biden got a sweetheart deal making a huge salary working for a Ukrainian company for doing a job he knew nothing about. Considering that a bit odd, a Ukrainian prosecutor, with no prompting from anyone in the US, started looking into what appeared to be corruption at the expense of the Ukrainian people.

Once he heard about that, Biden’s father, the sitting US vice president, demanded the prosecutor be fired, threatening to hold up a billion dollars in US aid if he wasn’t, so that his kid could keep makin the big bucks.

And this is all Trump’s fault . . . . . how? Biden uses federal money as a weapon to support his son, but Trump’s asking Zelensky to look into it is impeachable?

Basically what we have is sore-loser Democrats demanding the President be impeached for trying to expose a crime the front-runner for the Dems in the 2020 election campaign is guilty of. The Dems have been investigating Trump for almost 3 years now like a mob of teenage boys trying to figure how to get a spy camera into the girls’ locker room, and the only thing they’ve exposed so far is their own crimes and corruption.

It was hilarious last week when the Dems painted themselves into a corner with the impeachment brush because the only “evidence” they have of Trump’s doing anything shady is a complaint they hadn’t yet seen, from a whistleblower they didn’t even know by name, from a transcript of a fone call they hadn’t yet read, that came from a call none of them ever heard.

Now, I’m absolutely certain that nothing DJT has done since taking office was any more illegal or unethical or unconstitutional than stuff FDR did . . . or JFK . . . or LBJ . . . or Nixon . . . or Slick . . . or DingleBarry.

I’m fairly confident that Truman tried to stay within the Constitutional limits. Ike, too. And Carter didn’t have the cojones to even consider anything shady. But the rest of ’em, including the Shrubs, very likely pulled some stuff that you and/or I woulda wound up in gaol for. Ronnie Raygun also bent some rules here and there, if you recall.

So what’s the beef? DJT’s sure’s hell doin a better job than any of the potuses we had for the quarter century before he took office. In a meritocracy, he’d be lionized. Good grief! Consider the crap Ted Kennedy got away with, and why are Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, et al. still contaminatin our air? Why is HRC even allowed to be IN the country after what she’s done to it.

Tell ya what, gang . . . you wanna see some REAL jaw-tightenin and hair-pullin and jaw-waggin histrionics, wait ‘til RBG’s pancreas abandons ship and DJT nominates Amy Barrett to replace her. Think the extinction-event asteroid will cause a ruckus? The Dems will go apoplectically thermonuke on that hearing ‘cause there won’t be any women to give false sexual testimony on her. And she ain’t even 50 yet, so she’d be there for-friggin-EVAH.