Chief Sitting Bullshit Lying Again

Didja hear the latest? Chief Sitting Bullshit has been claiming for years that she was fired from a taeching position because she was preggers. As with her claim to be an Indian, it’s a lie. How do I know? Her lips are moving. Plus she’s a Dimocrat. The true story is different.

The Board of Education minutes show a part-time contract for her first year of teaching received unanimous approval during an August 1970 board meeting. Meeting minutes from November 1970 confirm Warren’s account that she was working on an “emergency” teaching certificate, showing unanimous approval “that a provisional certificate be requested for Mrs. Elizabeth Warren in speech therapy.”

Toward the end of Warren’s first year on the job, in April 1971, the board approved her contract for the following school year, the meeting minutes show. Two months later, the meeting minutes indicate that Warren had tendered her resignation.

“The resignation of Mrs. Elizabeth Warren, speech correctionist effective June 30, 1971 was accepted with regret,” the June 16, 1971, minutes say.

I guess it’s all in what your definition of resignation is.

Of course the Fake News Media won’t call her on this since they want her to win the nomination.

Remember, rules are different for Dimocrats.