Ronsday – Debate

Ron on debates.

Certainly no intellectual heavyweights in this mob. Mox nix, tho, ‘cuz since the very first TV debate, back with JFK and Tricky Dick, it seems the candidates are universally misinformed on what they propose, misguided on what they oppose, mistaken on what they verify, and misleading on what they deny.

Most of ‘em go on stage hoping for a breakthrough but wind up enduring a breakdown. Promises are pipe dreams, explanations are fishing expeditions, programs are flim-flam, and hard “facts” are distracts.

Answers are rehearsed and memorized impact statements written by sycophants and snowflakes who flew in on Puff the Magic Dragon from Never-Never Land riding the hot-air updrafts from the political pollsters and mainstream media talking heads.

Most “average” Americans probably pay little attention to political debates because they realize the candidates are there to say what they think will get them attention, not to tell the truth about how to make the nation better, stronger, safer.

The guys in the corner bar, the 9- to 5-er havin a beer after supper, the busy wife/mother tryin to get her teenagers to help with the dishes . . . they don’t give a rat’s rear what Bernie or Kamala or Joe or Tulsi actually believe, mostly ‘cause they know that’s not what they’re gonna hear from ‘em.

They know it’ll be recited mantras designed to attract someone interested in a freebie of some kind, or a hopeless crusade about some splinter group, or a vicious condemnation of the opposing party.

What they’re really hoping for, like Bubba at a NasCar race or Deontay at an NFL game, is the spectacular spin-out, the successful hail Mary, the zinger, the “Gotcha!” moment, not some vague overgeneralized rigamarole about taxing the rich or controlling the climate.

The amount of money wasted on political campaigning over the past 5 years in this country could easily have built “The Wall” already, paid for infrastructure repair, and fed all the homeless in Kaliphonia. Hillary’s 2016 campaign alone spent a billion and a half.

I say ban all political campaigning on a national scale until 100 days before the general election. Keep it off my TV, off my computer screen, out of my mailbox, and out of my telephone answering machine. And if you’ve already been in the US Congress for 12 years, either house, your name is not allowed on a ballot any more except for state or city positions.

And if your name is Clinton or Soetoro, you’re banned from government. Period.

I agree with Ron.

And another thing. These are not debates. They are joint press conferences.