Ronsday – Dimocrats

Ron rants.

Nothin to brag about this mornin … had a kinda demoralizin day yesterday, and an old sick dog woke me up whimperin about 0200, so I decided to attack politicians …… again.

Bad mood results from bein reintroduced to my mortality yesterday. Widow of the Gunny Sgt I’ve mentioned before called Reggie in a panic ‘cause she had a flat on her truck and was gonna be late for work.

So I picked her up and took her to work, then went back to fix the flat. Failed. Couldn’t bust the lugs. Had to call my son to bail me out. He got ‘em off, pulled out the nail, and plugged the tire, mostly ‘cause he’s got the tools, the air compressor, and the strength to do it . . . and he did it in short order.

Even when I’d finally managed to get the proper jack, a cheater bar to bust the lugs loose after soakin ‘em in Liquid Wrench, and got the wheel off, I’d have had to take it to Pep Boys or Big Ten to get it fixed and inflated. Woulda taken me all day. He got it done in about an hour, including 40 miles of drivin around to come get me and go work on it.

So when I came in here this mornin, I had to dump on somebody, ‘cause I still like me purty much and didn’t wanna self-recriminate. Much easier if I went after the Dems, ‘cause they ask for it so much . . . refusin their persistent insistence on comeuppance would be impolite, n’est ce-pas?

That said, here we go:

Most of the Dems vying for the nomination this cycle have completely forgotten that the Constitution was written to restrain the entrenched professional politicians in the federal government.

Basically it’s a set of statements telling legislators and executives what they CAN’T do. DingleBarry, of course, did end runs around it whenever he could get away with it using his “fone and pen,” governing by fiat when the rules prohibited what he was up to.

For example, the Constitution tells government that it can NOT “infringe” on the rights of citizens to arm and defend themselves, especially against an oppressive government. And it says absolutely nothing about a lot of things, such as abortion, or sanctuary cities, or arbitrarily selected which laws we’ll follow and which we’ll ignore.

It says that people can say what’s on their minds even when it might hurt the feelings of snowflakes, twinks, tweakers, trannies, Tinker Belles, pixie-dust sprinklers, and unicorn jockeys.

It says very clearly that neither the PotUS nor the SCotUS can write laws, and it tells magistrates and LEOs that they cannot violate due process.

And for the things not specifically mentioned in itself, the document says that power over those issues is retained by the people themselves and to be determined by the individual states when necessary, not by public opinion or by the federal guys.

What we have in Washington today is a gang of entrenched, greedy, career politicians who have about as much interest in doing what’s actually good for “the people” as I have for doing what’s best for sheepherders in Inner Mongolia.

Their primary shared goal . . . in fact their entire purpose for being in government . . . is acquisition and preservation of power for themselves and their political cronies. It’s all about winning to them, not safeguarding the nation or steadying the economy or providing affordable health care; it’s about their taking and keeping power.

That attitude is selfish, childish, hoggish, covetous, suspicious, and malicious. It does NOT serve as a good trait in leadership. Very few of the swamp denizens would make good leaders, although virtually all of them if asked would call themselves leaders of the nation. In fact, most of the honest ones who still believe they’re there to work for the people turn out to be all hat and no cattle when the chips are in and the bets are closed.

But a great disparity often exists between the quality of leadership necessary to inspire a people and the managerial skills required to run a country once you’ve taken control of it.

Biden, for example, has perhaps the best name recognition of all the Dem potus candidates, but I have serious doubts that he could lead a troop of Cub Scouts to a Pizza Hut. He’s basically a yes-man, a freakin doofus. He might be a nice guy and even may have tried to do a good job in the Senate, but he’s clearly in the onset stages of senility and terribly confused by his delusions of adequacy.

He’d be 78 when inaugurated after winning the election next year, and I’m not sure he could handle four hours of the job at a time, much less four years some major off-line time and a lot of gingko biloba and Geritol. Yeah, name recognition, and maybe even a bit of charisma, but with those and a sackful of Franklins, anybody can make out in a cathouse.

Hitler, for example – great charismatic political agitprop. Used his power of oratory to become dictator. Had about as much skill managing the best military on the planet at the time as I have in herding cats.

Sanders – noisy and tempting to ignorant snowflakes, but knows roughly the same about economic and system management as I know about constructing a space shuttle with Tinker Toys.

Mao – another ultra-successful charismatic leader. Put himself in position to evict his political opponents and negotiate on equal footing with the US and the USSR. In charge of roughly one billion people, but was so inept at actually governing that he had to murder several million potential dissenters and starve 30 million peasants.

Stalin – perhaps the greatest schemer ever to operate on a national level. Took complete control of the Soviet Union by purging (killing) 20 million people he didn’t trust, and then causing another 20 million to be killed by the Wehrmacht or starved to death by famine.

Warren – unabashed prevaricator on a par with Mao, Tojo, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and other would-be messiahs. All the leadership talent of Susan Rice and Britney Spears. Would have about the same degree of luck managing the US economy and a divided Congress as I would in creating a workable stegosaurus from lawn trimmings.

Her plan to “forgive” college debt doesn’t forgive or cancel anything; it only shifts the burden from the individual who incurred it to taxpayers who in many cases learned a useful trade instead of pursuing a worthless degree which prepares them for nothing in real life except flipping burgers and foaming lattes.

People like Liz are basically communist apprentices. They don’t yet have the authority to confiscate everything you own at gunpoint. All those entitlement programs which seemed so humanitarian and useful when first implemented have morphed into gateway drugs for communism.

I read something a few days ago which describes the D.C. scene perfectly: “There are only two parties today: The Stupid Party and The Evil Party. Once in a while the two parties get together to do something that is both stupid and evil, and that’s called bipartisanship.” — Tom Woods

The 2020 Dems’ “debates” are much like the Emmy and Oscar awards ceremonies: noisy people chanting rehearsed liberal talking points . . .except no tuxedos. And the Hollywood influence – in a nutshell it’s this: Oh, no! Trump is president, we’re all gonna die from climate change, and we MUST protect transgender rights. So . . . time to raise taxes, open the border, and burn the Constitution.

For years, these pompous hacks have clobbered ordinary folks whose only “crime” is making fun of Obama at a rodeo, or making a funny meme about liberals, or understanding that there are only two genders.

They like to go over the social media accounts of lesser mortals with a microscope, highlighting thought crimes and sometimes thoughtlessness with malignant glee. Zuckerberg feels it’s his solemn duty to teach us rubes that disobedience and defiance bring cancellation and censure. Normal people with normal attitudes are hauled up onto the Aztec altar of Facebook sacrifice to have their voice boxes cut out to appease the vicious demi-gods of wokeness.

Dems like to parse and spin every syllable that come out of DJT’s mouth, ultimately blaming all the violence on the entire planet on the things he says and the way he says them. Truth is, tho, that the things THEY say not only threaten and instigate violence but are generally unconstitutional as well.

The Dems’ approach to political campaigning is firing a cannon at a wall and then drawing a bullseye around the hole it makes. To them, that is sufficient proof of a crime to take to Congress to impeach a successful PotUS because he causes them chronic butthurt.

Look . . . if the Dems’ impeachment “inquiry” is such a vitally important action to preserve our government, why do Schiff and his henchmen need to keep their activities secret while the guy they’re “investigating” for whatever wants transparency? And why would it ever be necessary to invent an imaginary “parody” transcript of a PotUS fone call? Doesn’t that kinda say it’s the investigators who are corrupt and sneaky and not the legally elected PotUS their coup is focused on?

And again . . . if they succeed in evicting DJT, will we be better off? Do they really want Pelosi in charge? Do they really believe HRC would be an effective PotUS? Just exactly how will we be safer, richer, healthier, nicer, stronger, or in any way better off with a socialist, or a congenital liar, or just an ordinary liar, or a hypocrite, or a loon, or a guy with a husband, or a screwed-my-way-to-the-top flip-flopper?

What people want is a security guard who doesn’t keep pestering you to use your private bathroom, who doesn’t try to tell you how to raise your kids, who doesn’t raid your fridge, who doesn’t shut off your power, who doesn’t tell you how to trim your lawn or water your garden or feed your dog or how to behave in your own bedroom, who doesn’t inundate you with paperwork for a simple medical problem such as plantar’s warts, and who doesn’t make unpleasant noises while you’re trying to concentrate on your job or get some shut-eye.

Do I feel better now? Yeah . . . .