It’s The Great Impeachment Charlie Brown

It’s fitting that the Dimocrats voted to start an impeachment inquiry on Halloween. So now Shiff For Brains is lying in the impeachment patch hoping that his is the impeachment patch with the greatest believer and the Great Impeachment will rise and deliver impeachment subpoenas to every member of the Trump administration.

I see my congresscritter, Lucy McBath has decided that she doesn’t want to be reelected to her seat in Congress. Lucy is a gun grabber and a Dimocrat and managed to win election in a Republican leaning district. She posses as a moderate but she isn’t. She’s also a member of the Congressional African Caucus. If the Stupid Party can come up with a better candidate than Karen Handel they should be able to retake this seat.

But back to Shiff for Brains in the impeachment patch. He’s really hoping that the Great Impeachment can come up with sumpin’ better than Ukraine since looking at Ukraine only shows us the corruption of the Biden family.

Russia! Russia! Russia! was a dud.

Poor Shiff for Brains. He’s really hoping that his impeachment patch is the most sincere so the Great Impeachment will rise up and deliver the goods.

If that doesn’t work, he’ll just make shit up like he’s been doing for the last three years.

7 comments on “It’s The Great Impeachment Charlie Brown

  1. One of our local MN Dims Collin Peterson flipped on Pelosi to ‘maybe’ save his seat. If he hadn’t he wouldn’t have a chance in the next election. Probably time for him to move on anyhow. This is a big red area.

  2. I fully expect DJT to come through this with flyin’ colors, but let’s not forget how we got here in the first place. The Stupid Party had control of all three Branches but couldn’t all keep pullin’ in the direction. Instead of givin’ the President the backin’ he needed, they turned all squishy and RINO. Some of ’em got turned out, and rightfully so.
    Sadly, I’m not sure they learned much from losin’ the House.

    • A lot of the Stupid Party didn’t want Trump ’cause likely they had dirty hands as well. Probably why they’re not doing much to stop this circus. Didja hear Miss Lindsey is stepping down after the next election? All this carrying on must be giving him the vapors.

  3. I’m expecting a drumbeat of “Donald Trump can’t run for re-election! He’s under investigation” for the next year.

    Fuck ’em. Unless he eats a baby on live TV between now and then, I’m voting for him.

  4. after trying to decapitate the reublican administratio;
    of Abraham Lincoln, the democratic party should have been outlawed,
    Did a hell of alot of damage.
    Now we alloww them to damage,education,judicial,healthcare.
    their game plan, destroy the nation,
    make all and everyone completely dependent on the government they run.
    LBJ’s great society hurt our african americans.

  5. How much longer is this corksoaker Schiffhead going to be allowed to continue to waste millions of taxpayer money simply throwing shit on the wall and hoping something will stick for a few seconds anyway. He should throw himself on the wall, over and over.

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