Saturday Boobage 10-12-2019

Before I post this week’s boobage I have a few words to say. WTF is wrong with you guys? Can’t you just appreciate the beauty of the female form instead of carping about how old she is or criticizing her body? I banned Toejam because I got sick and tired of his constant complaints about the size of areolae and his other nitpicking. If you assholes don’t grow up, I’ll start banning other commenters. I’m sick of it.

Another one from Ron in Ohio.

41 comments on “Saturday Boobage 10-12-2019

  1. I’ve never posted before, but because I agree strongly with you I am compelled to do so at this time. After years of watching your Saturday Boobage there hasn’t been a single case where I haven’t appreciated your contribution. Including this one. She is beautiful and a good example of why I appreciate the female form. Keep up the good work. And many thanks.

  2. Denny, realize there are very sad people here on your blog, and jealous folks looking at your postings to shit on you for any reason. Some are like you and I, I, appreciate an adult female form. Some either too old not to see adult beauty.

    This country use to be better than this crap.

      • Ed, I very much agree with you. I’m 76 and I still enjoy a woman’s company, clothed or not. And I especially appreciate the naked female form. Many thanks to Grouchy Old Cripple for providing Saturday Boobage.

  3. As they say,
    “No good deed goes unpunished”

    And thanks by the way for the good deed of brightening my day.

    Grumpy Ole Broken Guy

  4. I’ve never had any complaints about Saturday on your site. Keep up the good work. Of course, when you get to be my age, it seems that Saturday comes every other day.

  5. Another winner, guys.
    Each is entitled to his own opinion, but Denny’s right. Some of you mofos need to appreciate purty girls in all their forms. Personally, I look forward to seein’ what Mr. Wilson and his contributors have for us every week, and my wife is usually lookin’ over my shoulder. If she ever has a negative comment, it usually has to do with some poor girl who is scowlin’ insted of lookin’ happy, or maybe looks like she would do with eatin’ a couple of burgers to look healthier instead of like a starvin’ Biafran.

    • You got that right, Mister!

      I’ll let you in on what’s happening…. women without ink or, metal.

      It’s the young adults coming up that are the rebellious ones with pure skin as opposed to what has been walking around as the alleged “normies” with tatts and piercings everywhere.

        • Right-o! Ever wonder why I abandoned the search for lovelies to submit for your Saturday’s posting? It’s a goddamn brutal world out there trying to find beautiful females that haven’t defiled themselves.

  6. I, for one, have never seen a woman on Saturday Boobage that did not meet my standards. Those standards are quite simple, less than half my age, not as far as I am, and naked.
    Not exactly certain how long I have been lurking around here, but it has to be close to fifteen years.
    I will be looking forward to clicking onto your place at 9:00 Friday night for as long as the eyes function.

  7. WTF – some people just aren’t ever happy. Bluntly never a reason to complain. Keep up the good work Denny. It makes my Saturdays complete! For those that want to complain STF nobody is interested in your whining!

  8. I have never bitched about the boobies even once. Now, if Denny
    posts naked images of Hillary, Bella Abzug or Rosie Odonnell, I might
    make an exception!

  9. Oh my!

    That red hair, the flawless skin, those blue eyes with the “come hither” look.

    This one is even better than last week.

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