Circus Town

Lucky me. This week Atlanta is the circus capital of the world.

Over the weekend we had the Krapperdick Circus. The NFL scheduled a worked out for Colon at the Falcon’s facility in Flowery Branch. Scouts for 25 NFL teams showed up to watch the washed up QB show his stuff. Unfortunately, he decided he didn’t want to work out at a state of the art NFL facility. Instead, at the last minute, he decided to move his work out to a High school sixty miles south of Flowery Branch. Many of the scouts said, “Fuck it!” and headed to the airport. The dude isn’t interested in playing in the NFL. He just wants to be a martyr.

This pic never gets old. How Krapperdick spends his Sundays.

So now that the Krapperdick Circus has left town, the Dimocrat Circus is just moving in. Yep! The Dims are holding one of their debates here in Atlanta this week. I’m sure this will be all over the local media. Fortunately, I don’t watch he news on TV so I’ll miss all the gushing about the Dimocrat candidates. Of course the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation will be all over it. Already their have been articles where the Dims are claiming that Georgia is now a real battleground state and the Dims are poised to win both Senate seats in 2020. Also Georgia will go for the Dimocrat in the presidential election.

That’s not the only circus in town. The Crooked Cankles Clown Show will be here as well. The Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (which is here in Beautiful Dunwoody not very far from GOC Central) holds a book festival every year where they bring in authors and celebrities. This year, they are bringing in Crooked Cankles and her Spawn of Clinton to speak about their latest ghost written book. I’m sure the PIAP will talk about all of the people who are encouraging her to run for president again.

Speaking of clowns, Stacey Abrams Tank has just come out and said that the Electoral College should be abolished because it’s racist. WTF isn’t racist nowadays? Listening to her explanation of why there is an Electoral College shows that she knows nothing about the Constitution or why we have the Electoral College. We dodged a bullet by not electing this booger eatin’ moh-ron as our guv’nor.

How did Atlanta get so lucky as to have of theses circuses in one week?