Ronsday – Impeachment Hearings

Here’s Ron along with some images he sent.

Nope! Will NOT listen to professional politicians. Basically for the same reason I don’t eat from garbage cans – the stuff that comes out of ‘em is useless, rotten, and bad for human health on a national level.

The only thing I wanna hear Schiffweasel say is, “I’ve been wrong, about everything, and hereby resign.”

Problem is, he’ll be re-elected, along with Botox Nan, “Whitey’s the problem” Waters, Airhead AOC, “Death to America” Omar, Jerry the Hut, Bernie the Commie . . . and if Her Rotten Heinous injects her Grey Goose self into the mix, 60 million ignoramuses will vote for her again.

If I wanna watch somebody do interrogations, I’ll go with Goren (Criminal Intent). If I wanna see entertaining investigative procedures, I’ll watch Bones, or NCIS, or Columbo. If I wanna see dirty public servants exposed and dirtbags served justice, I’ll get a Dirty Harry movie.

If I’m lookin for political intrigue, I’ll go with Shakespeare, or Boccaccio, or Sophocles, not a buncha greedy, power-hungry, self-repetitive parasites reading from lists of leading questions designed NOT to discover the facts but to support their implications.

Schiff-for-brains offers perfidy, which late-nite comics do MUCH better; treachery, for which the FBI, NSC, and CIA have MORE than amply lowered the bar; and parody, which even SNL does better than he can, not to mention the Sacramento Bee.

Anyone with more than two functioning cortical synapses knows that the House will vote to impeach – hell, they’d have done so over a year ago before Schiffty produced his “whistleblower.” “Guilty!! Now, as to the crime, that’s for us to know and everyone else to wonder about.”

And everybody, including SanFranSickoNan and Schmucky, understand that there’s simply no way 20 Republican senators are gonna jump across the aisle and convict a sitting president just because a buncha butthurt liberals don’t like him, especially considering unemployment figures and the economy.

No . . . it’s a cosplay shampeachment with the grand inquisitor sporting a kangaroo skin instead of a scarlet cape. It smacks of Himmler, and Goebbels, and Stalin, and Mao . . . and I ain’t a’gonna give it any more of my attention than I would a runaway dog diggin thru the trash cans behind a 7-11.

It’s a power-grab, a coup, a weaponization of Article II, Section 4’s mention of the term “Bribery,” which resonates SO much clearer in the public mind than “Quid Pro Quo” or “Misdemeanors” (read as “butthurt”) which most people would have to google to find out what they mean.