Super Bowl

Anyone watch the Super Bowl? I watched snatches of it. Overall less than half of the game.

I didn’t watch a single commercial. Changed the channel when one came on. From what I hear they featured biracial couples and queers.

I remember when Super Bowl commercials were funny. I also remember when they tried to sell products. Now they try to push woke propaganda down our throats. Remember the woke Gillette commercials? How did they work out?

Then there was the halftime show. I can’t remember the last time I watched one of those. Maybe it was when Tom Petty appeared. This year it was some chick named Shakira (whom I’ve never heard of) and J-Lo. It was family entertainment complete with stripper poles and exposed butts. I’m sure all of the Kansas City Chief’s fans and the rest of middle America were thrilled about this. But then, what do all of those Trump supporting rubes in the heartland know about good entertainment?

But back to the game. Didn’t watch any of the first quarter. Watched part of the second quarter. I was watching a recording of Cannonball Run II and would toggle from that to the game. Shows how important I thought the game was. I really thought The San Fagcisco 49’ers were gonna win, but then Kyle Shanahan reprised his role on how not to win a Super Bowl by blowing a double digit lead in the fourth quarter. It wasn’t as bad as blowing a 25 point lead as he did when he was the offensive coordinator of the Falcons. Andy Reid is known for his poor clock management skills. Shanahan made him look like an Einstein.

Richard Sherman doubted if he would visit the White House. No need to doubt Richie. Your team lost. You won’t be invited. Just a little Trumenfreude there.