Ronsday – Impeachovirus

Well, impeachment is over. Trump is acquitted. Now, how long do you think it will take for the House to come up with more articles of impeachment and continue this farce? Ron’s thoughts.

Two score and five years ago, a mildly befuddled but virus-free Gerald Ford rose from the festering sewer of D.C. power-grabbing and puerile gamesmanship to take the Oath of Office as the 38th PotUS.

For several months Congress had been severely frazzled by a serious case of impeachovirus which had threatened to shut down all vital systems until Tricky Dicky could be unceremoniously rode outta town on a rail as the remedy.

Now don’t misunderstand – I strongly disliked Nixon and considered him a paranoid sleazebag, good for little else but being dehydrated and ground up into coarse bits for Colonel Sanders to give to his chickens. But he showed them, boy – he resigned.

The country had gone a full century without bringing indictments against a sitting president, despite the wide variety of idiocies and bad calls and wet dreams of 18 dangerously disturbed demagogues in the meantime.

LBJ was a lying, racist, womanizing bully whose primary claim to fame was being a Texas Democrat. And JFK never actually wanted the job in the first place . . . took it just to please Daddy after Joe Jr. got himself killed showin off.

Even the vaunted and oft-invoked FDR was no bargain – set up the biggest ponzi scheme EVER in the country and was proud of it. And I STILL say he knew Japan’s intent to bomb Pearl Harbor and considered those battlewagons obsolete but a good sacrifice for getting us into the WW Cage Match with tanks and carriers.

Wilson? Puh-LEAZE! Taft? YGMSM. Harding? Who? Cleveland? Oh, yeah . . . right! Hell, lookin over the rogues’ gallery of men who have sat in that office, I sometimes wonder how we survived as a nation.

The last one with the courage to tell the truth without fear of political repercussions was Harry Truman, and if he were in office today the snowflake contingency would impeach him for war crimes because he used nuclear weapons on innocent people.

Here’s what Ford had to say about the country’s critical political condition after being sworn in by the Chief Justice:

“My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.”

Well, Gerry, it’s ba-a-ck. And the entire legislative branch has been in intensive care since the impeachovirus took hold and brought several members’ allegedly higher-order brain functions to fever pitch.

So after months and months of “investigations,” harrumphing, hand-wringing, posturing, exaggerating, fabricating, accusing, and resisting the most successful potus since RayGun Ronnie, today that senile assembly will vote on whether to fund and patronize a parade of “witnesses,” some of whom are already charged with lying under oath and others who want to profit from the kerfuffle by selling books while the market is hot from the obstructovirus.

Ron wrote this last week.

Congress is nearing burnout from the effects of debatovirus, and I suspect that not enuf RINOs will vote in favor of watching a shootout between the Jean du Moustache épaisse gunslingers and the Biden Clan in the Senate Well to prolong the effects much longer.

If, however, they decide to allow impeachovirus to mutate into abusovirus, our system of government is doomed. The procedure will drag out for months, at great cost, because of posturing, speechifying, litigation, and investigation. And STILL they won’t get 67 senilators to convict before the 3 November genelec, so DJT will remain in office anyhow.

After Ford made that comment about our national nightmare being over, he went on to say, “Our Constitution works; our great Republic is a government of laws and not of men. […] As we bind up the internal wounds of [Ukrainogate], let us restore the golden rule to our political process and let brotherly love purge our hears of suspicion and hate.”

Yeah, right. Lotsa luck with that, gang, considering the noises SanFranShitShow Nan is making about subsequent impeachovirus outbreaks if this one fails to politically cripple or electorally kill DJT.

IOW, even if they DO vote down witnesses in favor of getting out of their seats to go campaign for re-election . . . and when they DO vote down conviction because of party politics – nothing will change. Nobody’s attitude on either side will be altered a whit by acquit.

Those who will suffer most, of course, will be the leftiste media, because once it’s all over and everybody in the entire country goes back to work they’ll have nothing to blather about. They’ll have to fall back on actual news, such as teenage climate Nazis and washed-up athletes making annoying noises.


No . . . not really. Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, and all the rest will resist cure and go into obstructovirus relapses. The impeachment virus has been weaponized and now can be used by any majority in the House which finds itself disgusted and spiteful toward a potus they don’t like.

The “high crimes and misdemeanors” phrase specified in the Constitution is now interpreted to mean “unpopular policies” and “he pisses me off because he beat our candidate.”

It’s over. But the virus in its many forms is not eradicated; hell, it’s not even dormant. What’s over is the New World experiment with a democratic republic. Ben Franklin’s caveat “if you can keep it” was profoundly accurate and prophetic. Power, not public good, is what motivates politicians.

That is all there is to know about politics . . . and all you need to know to understand the viruses to which politicians are susceptible.