Didja catch the State of the Union speech on Tuesday? Isn’t it nice to see what the Dimocrats are against?

They are against record low unemployment for blacks. The Congressional African Congress sat on their hands. Fortunately for them, their constituents are too dumb to realize that. How else to explain Mad Maxipad, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Hank “Guam is gonna tip over” Johnson, and most of the other African congresscritters.

The harpies in white are against record female employment. These harpies, and the lead harpy, Speaker Blinky, are a good argument against the Nineteenth Amendment.

They are against killing terrorists. In fact, they even left an empty seat for General Solenoid. Relax libs. It’s satire, but the best satire usually has a grain of truth in it.

They’re against a record stock market, which is setting new records this week. Looks like Wall Street is happy with Trump being acquitted.

They’re against the military, but then Dimocrats usually are.

They’re against strong borders.

Didja see all of the sourpuss faces on the Dimocrat side?

They showed a picture of Jerry the Hutt Nadler and Adam Shiff for brains sitting next to each other and all I could think of was the Tweedle Brothers, Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber.

Speaker Blinky kept making faces throughout. She was not having a good time with Trump listing all of his accomplishments and she and her party had nothing to do with any of them. They happened not with the cooperation of Dimocrats but in spite of all they could do to stop him. Mueller was a dud. Impeachment only made him more popular. They came across as looking like petty losers And Blinky reinforced the optic with her tearing up Trump’s speech. That was not a spontaneous act. It was planned. In replays you could see her beginning to make small tears in the speech.

The campaign ads write themselves.

She said the speech was a pack of lies, but since the Fake News Media is the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party no one asked her to list any of the “pack of lies”.

It was not a good night for Blinky or the rest of the Dimocrats and that means it was a good night for America.