Speaker Blinky Is Pissed

Poor Blinky. Her stunt of ripping up Trump’s SOTU speech has backfired. Bigly. As soon as I saw the petty display I said to myself, “Self, the campaign ads will write themselves.” Sho’ ’nuff they already have.

Now Blinky is pissed and has demanded that Twatter and Farcebook take this video down because it was “deceptively edited”. Surprisingly enough, both refused. A Farcebook spokesman, Andy Stone replied to the request by asking, ““Sorry, are you suggesting the President didn’t make those remarks and the Speaker didn’t rip the speech?”


Way to go Blinky. Trump keeps winning and you keep losing.

You lost when you let AOC usurp your role as speaker. She and the whackjobs and America haters like Idiot Omar and Rancida Tlaib now run the House. You were once a shrewd politician but the booze and Botox have rotted your brain. You knew impeachment didn’t have a chance but you went along with it anyway. All you did was make Trump stronger and you’ve prolly lost the House.

You’ve been outmaneuvered by AOC a “brilliant” economics major who recently quoted “Milton Keynes” on her Instagram account and then later said it was a typo. Now we know why this twit with an economics degree from Boston University was tending bar.

Hey AOC, Boston University called and they want their degree back.

And Blinky, it’s time you considered retirement. You’ve lost control. Trump pushed you around. Bitch McConnell pushed you around. And AOC and the rest of the Squad pushed you around.

Buh Bye.