Ronsday – Electile Dysfunction

Ron rants.

Well, ladeez an’ gennamun, our grand New World Experiment in Democratic Republic government is going into 4th stage Electile Dysfunction.

I’ll never be convinced that Russia or Twitter or Facebook or CNN or even FoxNews had the slightest effect on how I voted in 2016. Tell ya this, tho, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi have had a huge influence on my resolve never to vote Democrat.

US PotUS elections are all different, and the last one was even differenter than usual. The next one promises to be differentissimo. Only things missing will be topless dancing girls and starved lions to eat the losers, kinda like halftime at the StupidBowl. Nero would feel right at home.

And Jefferson’s concept of an “informed electorate” appointing civic-minded citizens to represent their interests in central government has degenerated into a show-me-the-money popularity contest promoted by a mass media completely dependent upon “Gotcha!” moments, “We’ve REALLY got him this time!” and out-of-context soundbytes.

What surprises me most is how many young people are so friggin eager to vote for a self-described socialist who would immediately increase taxes, empty prisons, and ban fossil fuels, all while preaching the Gospel of the Nanny State to people who believe socialism means free stuff for everybody forever and couldn’t even DEFINE fascist, or dictator, although they accuse DJT of being one.

Gaffemeister Gropey Joe began with nothing but name recognition, weak competition, and the unrealistic faith in a strong Obama endorsement. Simply another septuagenarian who refuses to accept that his mind is going the way of Rubiks Cubes and Pet Rocks.

Butt judge is entirely a media creation, the candidate of hype, a unicorn-riding fairy-dust sprinkler, another “First,” much the same as the Magic Negro. He’s a failed mayor of a failing city who has as much chance of getting the black vote as I have of winning this year’s Masters.

Hillary rode her e-bike into the e-swamp and couldn’t e-magine why she e-merged smellin so e-raunchy that nobody would e-vote for e-ass in the e-lection.

As I saw in a ‘toon a few days ago, the Dems’ Klown Kar is carrying the Village People. And the DNC spokesmouth, Tom Perez, reminds me of The Cryptkeeper, ugly as last week’s road kill and way too dependent upon mushrooms for nourishment.

And their mainstream media agitprop machinery has become so in-your-face phoney as to sound like stream-of-consciousness propaganda meandering off into the Concept Desert to dry up at the foot of Meaningless Mountain.

Either a commie, a fairy, a nanny McDuck, or the Murkan reincarnation of Lady MacBeth will face off against OrangeMan, and a brokered convention seems more likely with each passing day as the DNC powers up to shaft Bernie, again. Mini-Mikey will be there only as Daddy Warbucks, perhaps for Billary.

Y’know . . . what’d be really neat is for Shrillary or Mikey or Fauxcahontas or Buttjudge to actually make a prioritized list of what people love so much about the Democrat party.

I mean, hell, it’s as if Leftistos are trying to convince conservatives to surrender their guns, embrace higher taxes, give government control of everything, blame climate change on white people, fund abortion, and abandon borders. Their life style seems to be getting away with something and surviving on a life-long supply of hypocrisy on a tax-and-spend carte blanche.

See . . . their entire platform is centered on hate-trump; everything else is immaterial. And we know why they hate him, don’t we . . . he

Refuses to be bullied

Punches back when attacked

Is immune to the PC virus

Calls it as he sees it with Dems’ failures

Attacks both parties for poor performance

Is not a “traditional” politician

Calls out the media when they’re wrong


People think he hates Mexicans

People think he hates Muslims

He’s not a Soetoro-style globalist

He doesn’t believe taxes will fix climate change

He doesn’t consider Russia a political threat

He doesn’t approve of socialism

He supports the 2nd Amendment

He does NOT support government-funded abortions

He wants to cut entitlements

He wants to reduce the size of government

He used to be a solid Democrat, but abandoned them

But the major reason for Democrats to hate Trump so viciously is that they’re geeks, parasites, entitlement junkies, one-worlders, and Chicken Littles on weather.

Bernie says miniMike doesn’t have the right to “buy” his way into office. But that’s exactly what his campaign is all about, offering to give us free everything paid for with OUR money to get us to vote for him. Difference is that Bloomberg is using his OWN money to buy votes.

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda . . . . . .

Oh, well. What do I know? Just this: future historians will have a problem deciphering the books and records revised by today’s liberals and progressives because of the bad spelling and faulty punctuation.

Coupla weeks ago I had occasion to rewrite the first verse of the “Star Spangled Banner.” Don’t remember exactly why I did it, but here ‘tis in case I didn’t post it:

O, can someone tell me what is wrong with that town

On the edge of the swamp where the world’s turned upside down.

Where the lies and sound bytes for the cameras flow

As the parasites feast and the nation’s debt does grow.

Speeches everywhere that are naught but hot air

Give proof through the screens that they really don’t care.

O, why does that Congress of blowhards still rave,

O’er the land between the seas that Trump’s trying to save.