Nevada Debate

I didn’t watch last night’s debate. It would be the same old bullshit.

Bernie: Free stuff! Free stuff! Free stuff!

Chief Sitting Bullshit: I’ll match your free stuff and raise you more free stuff.

Mini Mike: Mike will get it done.

Klobuchar: I am not Debbie Downer..

True Debbie Downer is funny. You’re pathetic.

Biden: I’m the only one who can beat Trump. I’m happy to be here in Utah.

Mayor Pete: I’m young. I’m gay. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Bernie: Bilionaires!

Chief Sitting Bullshit: Billionaires!

Mini Mike: Mike will get it done.

Biden: I’m the only one who can defeat Trump. I’m happy to be here in New Mexico.

So I was wrong about a few things. Chief Sitting Bullshit went on the warpath and scalped Mini Mike.

Mini Mike called Bernie a communist and wondered how he could have three mansions. Didn’t help. Mini Mike was humiliated. This debate didn’t help him a bit.

I was right about one thing. Klobuchar is Debbie Downer. The third place finish in New Hampshire is prolly gonna be the high point of her campaign.

Biden is prolly done.

Chief Sitting Bullshit is an annoying screeching harridan. She’s the mother-in-law who hates you.

It’s looking like it’s Bernie’s race to lose and the DNC is working overtime behind closed doors trying to figger out how to screw him out of the nomination again just like they did back in 2016. But who will they nominate? Buttfudge? Will the Bernie Bros and the Squad stand for it? Time will tell.

It’s getting entertaining.