Ronsday – Socialism And Dimocrats

Ron rants.

Bernie and his gaggle of socialistischen ignoranti genuinely believe that bringing down Wall Street (aka Murkan capitalism) and redistributing all its cash will improve the lives of nearly everybody in this country.

What they don’t seem to realize is that although investment organizations, bankers, entrepreneurs, speculators, and just rich people in general are the ones who profit most from the stock market, they’re also the ones who provide the capital for just about everything that happens in the world.

Take away rich capitalists’ money and you undercut the economy like a pyroclastic flow coming down Mt. St. Helens. Nothing survives. And that includes the energy cartels, which means no trucking, no deliveries, no way to get food from farm to market, no electricity . . . in other words, Venezuela 2019.

It might be exciting to live for a while in a Goebbels-like world where the gap between propaganda and reality is paved over with heavy rhetoric, where everything is paid for by government which gets its funding by confiscating other people’s wealth, where half-truths and disinformation are indistinguishable from pie-in-the-sky illusions and delusions.

And while the average Murkan ain’t no economist or MBA or stock analyst, he DO realize that if Wall Street fails, the government runs outta cash REAL quick . . . and all those freebies they’re counting on dry up like an 18-yr-old’s wet dream when the D.I. starts bangin on that shitcan lid at 0-dark-thirty in day 2 of Basic.

The entire boodle of Dem nominee wannabees are walking antonyms for charm, grace, persuasion, magnetism, appeal. Mini-Mike has all the pizzazz of a fire plug, and Fauxcahontas is in a close race with Joy Behar for America’s most unpleasant beyond-her-shelf-life female.

Klobuchar has the star quality of Jar-Jar, and Bernie is delightful in the same way as a fire-ant mound someone just stepped on. Bye-Bye Biden is about as sharp as a shotput, and Alfred E. Buttjudge is a platitude playback machine set on Auto Random.

The circus ringmaster, Skeletor Perez, seems to have spooned just a bit too much locoweed into his Froot Loops, and Coughing Cankles is warming up her broom to circle the road kill in Milwaukee around July 15 and swoop in like Bela Lugosi to sink her fangs into Complacent Connie’s carotid.

Sometimes I glance at the TV and fantasize about chopping politicians into small pieces to flush down the toilet, but then I realize that that would contaminate all the sewage.

Though I deliberately and assiduously avoid watching political rallies or campaign speeches or any of that drecch, with all the “Me! Me! Me!” journalistic bimbos and “Gotcha!” pundits and “expert” armchair analysts belching undigested hogwash into the cybersphere, it’s damned hard to NOT hear the crap they spew.

You know that tingly little feeling you get, like Chris Mathews, when you hear a political candidate say something and for a moment it kinda makes sense? Well, that feeling is your common sense leaving your body.

An election is coming! An election is coming!! Oh, boy! Oh, Boy!! OH, BOY!!! And this time we’ll have universal peace, gentle weather, free everything, and kinder, gentler leaders interested only in protecting the rights and benefits of “the American people.”

Of course that is based on the shaky presumption that someone – ANYone – can define exactly what the hell “the American people” is these days. Nearly everything coming into this country from wherever is breaking every law we have concerning immigration standards, not to mention pollution and communicable disease control.

And if you ask a thousand individuals on the street in the nation’s five most populated cities, you’ll discover the prevailing opinion is that the US is at least 50% black and Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance and Donald Trump is literally Hitler.

Most can’t name their own senators and representatives and fervently believe that had the Senate brought in witnesses and testimony and convicted Trump of whatever he was being accused of, Hillary would be president today.

What concerns me the most is young people’s insistence that socialism would solve all the problems of unequal wealth, unequal privilege, unequal treatment, and provide universal health care, adequate housing, and a general sense of well-being . . . and all in the absence of Wall Street, the stock market, fossil fuels, big pharma, national defense, border security, and capital investment.

Yeah . . . well,

And all who hear them bleating there
In promise-laden empty air
Should realize with holy dread
That they on anti-trump have fed
With elixir of Marxist modes
Which Venezuela’s mess forbodes.