The Sky Is Falling! We’re All Gonna Die!

The Dimocrats have got to be salivating. Finally they’re gonna get the Orange Man. The market dropped another 1000 points today. We’re heading for a recession! Good news.

As I wrote to one of my readers. Do not panic. THE MARKET ALWAYS RECOVERS!

I remember October 1987. It was right before I was leaving for a vacation in France that the market went into a big tailspin. By the time I got back it was already recovering.

The stock market was way over priced. It was long overdue for a correction. That’s what this is. It’s also a buying opportunity. If you’re a retired person like me who is forced by the gummint to take money out of his 401-K the drop in the market sucks. But, I expect it will recover.

If you are a young person who is contributing money to a 401-K or and IRA, this is an opportunity to buy more equities. Once again. THE MARKET ALWAYS RECOVERS!

Another thing the Dimocrats are dancing in glee about is the Coronavirus. Once again, they think, this is gonna be Trump’s Katrina. Didn’t they just think sumpin’ else was gonna be Trump’s Katrina? Remember. what’s bad for America is good for Dimocrats since they hate this country. Notice at the last debate, like all of the others, there was not an American flag in sight.

The Dimocrats are hoping a lot of people will die so they can blame it all on Trump. Maybe they can get 150 million deaths. That will wipe out the rest of the country since Biden sez 150 million have already been killed by guns.

Really, someone needs to take Biden off to a home for the mentally bewildered. Just recently he announced he was running for the US Senate. Leaving him on the campaign trail is abuse of the elderly. He’s done.

I predict the flu will kill more people in this country than the Coronavirus. But that doesn’t fit the narrative. The Dimocrats need a lot of deaths. Of course, if they get them, they will be in cities run by Dimocrats. San Fagcisco could be in real trouble since the Coronavirus can be spread by fecal transmission. All of a sudden that pooping in the streets ain’t such a good idea. Somehow that will be Trump’s fault just like the incompetence of Mayor Asshole and Governor Useless was Bush’s fault during Katrina.

Can you imagine a rat bastard commie like Bolshevik Bernie in charge of a pandemic? Or Chief Sitting Bullshit? She would scold it to death.

Between the stock market and the virus there is way too much hysteria. Settle down. We’re gonna be fine.

Unless we elect a Dimocrat.