Sunday Metal 2-16-2020

Judas Priest. Still not in the Rock and Roll HOF. But Joan Baez (when are they gonna induct the Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul, and Mary) and NWA (rap is rock and roll? when did that happen?) are. This is prolly the year that I saw them when they played old Busch Stadium in St. Louis

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  1. Yeah, I don’t get it. Rock and Roll is Rock and Roll, not folk, not pop, not soul. Whitney Houston is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for chrisakes. Not saying those folks don’t deserve recognition but someplace else.

  2. It’s a race and gender inclusion thing, as usual. How many all-black or all-female rock/metal bands can you think of? It’s like black hockey players.

    If it weren’t for rap/hip-hop the RNRHOF would be nearly all-white (and a high % of British) with the notable and obvious exception of black blues/Motown/disco from the early and mid-20th century.

    Very telling was how long it took the hall’s elitist gatekeepers to finally recognize working-class bands like KISS and Rush, and they held their noses as they did it.

    • There are plenty of Motown groups who should have made it before NWA. (NWA should not be in there as rap is not even music much less rock and roll.) After all, rock and roll was actually started by black musicians like Chuck Berry. When Elvis was discovered, they were looking for a white dude who sounded like he was black. The Righteous Brothers were two white dudes who sounded like they were black. If they were looking for females there were the Supremes (which I hated) Gladys Knight and the Pips, and Martha and he Vandellas to name a few. Led Zeppelin ripped off black blues. The Beatles and Rolling Stone ripped off black musicians. If they wanted black musicians bring in the black groups of the 60’s. Are Ike and Tina Turner in? If they aren’t they should be. The RNRHOF is a joke.

      • The RNR hall of fame is owned and ran by twink lover and Rolling Stone owner Jann Wenner. The freak left his wife and kids fo a 25 year old man. He decides who goes into this supposed “Hall of Fame.”

  3. Election to the RRHOF is a political process meant to fill a quota. The fact that the most influential guitar group of all time, The Ventures, only made it a few years ago. Everyone, from the Beatles and Stones and on down were influenced by them.

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