Now They’ve Done It!

The rest of the NBA season canceled. Meh! Who cares?

Major League Soccer canceled. Meh! Who cares?

The NHL season canceled. Meh! Who cares, eh? Take off hoser!

March Madness canceled. Oh noes! Obungler won’t be able to go on ESPN to enlighten us with his brackets. No Final Four for Atlanta.

But now they’re really getting serious. Baseball spring training has just been canceled. Spring training where hope springs eternal and rotten teams dream of having great seasons. And the way things are going they’ll suspend the regular season until the Wuhan Flu subsides or we all die.

With all of this what are all the sports writers gonna write about?

More panic on Wall Street.

Just remember who wanted to close the borders and who wants open borders. That wall is looking like a pretty good idea now isn’t it.

Have you seen Gropey Joe lately? Do you really want this guy in charge of sumpin’ like the Wuhan Flu crisis.

By the way, the Fake News Media thinks it’s xenophobic to call it the Wuhan Flu. That’s where it originated.

I don’t think I have ever seen such an orchestrated panic in my entire life. It’s the fear orchestrated by the Fake News Media that has driven down the stock market. The economy is in good shape but we’re all gonna die, at least those of us who have not died from gun violence (150 million according to Gropey Joe) or the 20 million who have died to to lack of health care.

I’m more afraid of the Dimocrats and their lackeys in the Fake News Media than I am of the Wuhan Flu.

They are hoping that this is Trump’s Katrina or better yet his Chernobyl. They want Americans to die if it makes Trump look bad.

Disgusting people!


From CharlieDelta.