Poor Italy

My favorite European country is Italy. You would think it would be either England or Germany since that is where all my ancestors are from, but it’s not.

I fell in love with Roman history in grade school. I’ve always love Italian food. So naturally, I wanted to visit Italy.

I’ve vacationed in Italy twice. If not for my accident, I would have visited Italy even more times. There is just so much history and beauty. Venice, Florence and Rome.

I’ve walked through Pompeii. I’ve seen the Amalfi coast. But my favorite is Rome. So much to see. Roman ruins like the Flavian Amphitheater (called the Colosseum because at one time there was a giant statue of Nero front of it) and the Baths of Caracella.

Then there is the Pantheon whose dome is the model for the domes of St. Peter’s, St. Paul’s, and our own Capitol.

You can walk down a street in Rome and walk inside a church and be amazed at the beauty.

I visited one church where they have excavated down many levels to an ancient street and a shrine to Mithras.

I’ve seen the sculptures of Moses and the Pieta by Michelangelo in Rome and the David in Florence.

And the food! I remember the first time I visited Italy many of my friends told me I wouldn’t like the food because it was different than the Italian food in America. Yep! It’s better!

So I really feel for the Italians and what they are going through with the Kung Flu. It’s hitting them hard. Sad to say, they have themselves to blame. They have idiots like the mayor of Florence who came out with the hug a Chinese person campaign. Must not be xenophobic even if it kills us. What a maroon! The only people dumber than this dude are the people who elected him.

The Italian gummint has failed its citizens big time. They imported a shit load of Chines and then when the virus hit China they didn’t stop travel to and from China. Once again, must not be xenophobic.

As we are now seeing, globalism is stupid and so is political correctness.

And look at all of the idiots in this country bashing Trump for not doing enough. These are the same people who claimed he was xenophobic for stopping travel to and from China.

Because of people like this we are doomed.

Italy is paying the price for its stupidity. Will we?