A Rant From Paul

Long time reader Paul wrote this and I felt I had to share.

•Barack Obama would have convened a group of lawyers to sue the Covid-19. He would have also called together a very sensitive focus group to request that Covid-19 discontinue bullying everyone who has been afflicted or those that will become afflicted. He would have also been on TV daily for us to see him observing an imaginary ping pong match called dual teleprompters while he assured (while saying nothing) the nation with a cadence of alternating lines of iambic and dactylic pentameter.

•Hillary Clinton would have ended Covid-19 almost immediately. Covid-19 would have committed suicide.

•Bernie Sanders would have been outraged by the unequal distribution of Covid-19 and taken action to see that all Americans had free access to it.

•Elizabeth Warren would have had a powwow with her staff to see how much wampum they could raise from millionaires and billionaires.

•Michael Bloomberg would have spent $500 million of his own money on TV and social media ads asking if we were better off before or after the Covid-19 outbreak.

•Nancy Pelosi would have reassured the whole nation that the liquor stores would remain open during the Covid-19 crisis.

•Joe Biden would have been on TV daily reassuring the nation that we have nothing to fear from SARS than the fear of SARS itself.

•Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would have suggested washing our pans more thoroughly to stop the spread of the pandemic.