AOTW 3-27-2020

Two governors share the award this week, Steve Sisolak of Nevada and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, both Dimocrats, of course. They have both outlawed the use of hydroxychloroquine to fight the Kung Flu. Assholes.


17 comments on “AOTW 3-27-2020

  1. You would think they would let their hatred of all things Trump go while working towards a solution for this situation.
    Those two should get a special “Worse than Assholes” of the week award.

  2. This is the same reason we have toilets that don’t flush. Letting politicians decide what’s best instead of the experts in the field. Absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Maybe MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Krischner can find a way to file negligent homicide charges against both governors if any of their citizens die of Covid-19.

  4. Hopefully , when this craziness is past , that will be considered ( at the very least ) an impeachable offense .

  5. Whitmer, incompetent at her very best, has set new records whining about Trump’s alleged inaction, or slow action, when in fact she also plays Donk politics and allows the liquor and marijuana outlets to remain open, to keep us proles pacified for the duration.

    Trump’s doing nothing, see, so don’t pay ANY attention to the $3.6 BILLION which Meeshigoon my Meeshigoon will receive from Uncle Sugar. Nothing, got that? Zip, nada, zilch. Ignored us entirely. Left us gasping for breath lying on the curb somewhere, just listen to her drivel.

    What we won’t hear is her fear she’s losing the black community statewide. Trump is making inroads there and that has to scare the plantation owners.

    She’s terrible at concealing her dislike of non-urban voters (ahem, the majority). She’s a steaming lying, neon-lighted fraud and needs removal from office forthwith.

  6. Stopping New Yorkers from leaving New York is not at all a bad idea.

    Bloomberg News says New Hampshire cops will be stopping cars with New York license plates as part of their campaign against Kung Flu.

    They’re already saying they expect a second wave of it to come along. Probably at election time. Those elderly who vote for the wrong party need to be kept home and safe, don’tcha know.

  7. This is like watching the Omega Man in real time. All these Brother Matthias characters are the democrats. House to house searches in Rhode Island looking for New Yorkers! Little tin god democrats. “Papers please”. You know where the Nazi Germans came from? Inside. The ruling class. The moneyed interests. They’ll step on anybody and anything on their path to power. Take your speech, your religion and your ability to assemble.

    Trust the plan.

  8. Congratulations Denny, and make sure to rest up … whittling down this list from the plethora of worthy and deserving candidates was no small task.

    • Have no fear, PMG, our boy never shrinks from his weekly task. And I can think of very few times over the years that those of us who read this have disagreed with his choices. Hell, I halfway expect that for years after he leaves this mortal coil, we’ll log on here occasionally and find ghostly posts about major league assholes he finds in the afterlife.

  9. Sorry, the below caption is the local council elections in the state of Queensland, imagine those dirty polling booths, scrutineers handing out pencils that could be diseased, no social distancing and the $133 fine if you do not attend. Some postal votes may be available in some councils

  10. Visit to hear the science behind the use of these medications. It requires an account but it’s free. Go to covid update 34. Microbiology, science. Also gives you information how to protect yourself. I would suggest the guv’ners of Nevada and Michigan check it out but the herds that voted them in need to be thinned anyway.

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