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Here’s Ron.

Gave my fingers free rein this mornin . . . think they got a little carried away, and I ain’t gonna go back and proofread or edit it. Here ’tis:

Bit odd, innit . . . ironic . . . that the same Democrats who’ve been warning us that Orange-Man Bad is endangering our freedoms and frighteningly Hitler-like in his abuse of office are now clamoring for him to take greater control of the health-care industries to protect us from a bug we’re all gonna get anyway, just like the common cold.

Astonishing also, it seems that huge numbers of Murkans who until recently had grave issues with foods containing gluten are now cured of the disorder and hoarding all forms of bread and other food items containing the stuff.

And it’s absolutely amazing how the people in SanFranNan’s region who are so adamant about open borders and blasé about people defecating anywhere they like are now gravely concerned about the spread of a virus that is dangerous only to people over 65 or who have pulmonary problems. Oh, wait . . . what’s the average age of the 535 members of Congress?? Ahhh, yes . . . . . over 60, many in their late 70s and early 80s – never mind.

Of course let’s not forget . . . during the halfrican’s regime, the swine flu killed over 12,000 Murkans and made hundreds of thousands ill. But the US mainstream propaganda arm of the DNC spun it all as not his fault and suppressed the actual figures.

The majority of those millionaire dimwits in our legislature aren’t the least bit concerned with “the American people” but only with control of power and accumulation of personal wealth.

The moral, ethical, patriotic trick to taking advantage of a crisis is not to derive political benefit from it but to learn from its impact how we can prevent recurrence and perhaps find solutions to unrelated problems in society.

But the Dems are playing peek-a-boo with the bill Republicans are trying to get through that will help people pay their bills while they’re out of work because of panic shutdowns. They just won’t allow themselves to pass a clean bill that does ordinary citizens some good without promoting their own political agenda.

SanFranShitShow Nan is demanding that the bill include the following:

Publication of corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards

A bail-out on all current debt at the Postal Service

Required early voting

Required same-day voter registration

Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining

Full offset of airline emissions by 2025

Publication and reporting of greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights

Retirement plants for community newspaper employees

Federal $15 minimum wage

Permanent paid leave

Study on climate change mitigation efforts

O.K. Now I’m a fairly reasonable guy, and fairly well educated, and fairly experienced in management and all that . . . but how the Fletcher’s Flock ANY of that is directly relevant to helping out guys who’ve been riffed or laid off or fired or quarantined or whatever is beyond my ken.

That’s nothing more than a simple left-wing agenda shopping list, a wish list for libs, a total cave to Sanders and AOC and all the rest of the no-load non-contributing Tinker Belles who can’t make it on their own without total government control and subsidy.

Here’s another bit of gristle I’m havin trouble digesting: DJT intends to suspend the payroll tax. Immediately the Democrats complain that it’s unfair since it’s too exclusive and will benefit only those who actually work for a living. Uhh . . . ain’t that the point?

And remember a few months ago the liberals were claiming that Trump was going senile and stupid? Well, now they’re trying to get us to back Joe Biden for PotUS. R. U. S. M.?

The social distancing this country needs should focus on distancing the public from the mainstream media, along with quarantining the most toxic members of Congress, the Pelosis and Schumers and such, to reduce the spread of infectious obstruction.

And if the economy doesn’t rebound vigorously after this gut punch it took with the shut-down and quarantine and “work-from-home” and “Sorry, I gotta fire you so you can get your unemployment benefits” knee-jerk, we’re gonna get the guy who put the “Dem” in “Dementia” behind the Resolute Desk next January, POSSibly with Her Rotten Heinous as his Veep.

Jeeeeez . . . somebody forgot to get a refill on Quid-Pro Joe’s moronosuppressant prescription. This virus scare is the best thing that coulda happened to him at this point in the campaign – keeping him isolated and away from real questions by real journalists and reality in general. Check out this pathetic clip he spent days in isolation prepping for:

If this quarantine thing stretches out long enough and the economy tanks, this demented dipshit is gonna wind up winnin and we’ll get Jarrett, Lynch, Holder, Clinton, Sharpton, and DingleBarry himself back in the West Wing.

But one positive effect of the spread of this virus is that there’s a good chance it could shut down Congress for several months. Sadly, it will not shut down the panic generator that’s making everything worse: the anti-Trump fraudstream media.

Frankly, I don’t see much of a silver lining on this dark, ominous, contagious cloud. The only POSSIBLE good that might come from it is a Trump second term which allows the country to get back into a building and fixing and manufacturing stuff mode and out of the entertainment and entitlement and entrenchment rut.

And that likelihood gets farther and farther down that darkening tunnel with each day that this pandemonium pandemic panic persists while people like Pelosi and Schumer and Clyburn and AOC are in office.

8 comments on “Ronsday – Latest Rant

  1. Goddamn, Ron, one day I wish to write like you. Beautiful piece of thought you convey. Humbled. But, this contrived bull-hockey that the hyped-up Fakestream news media is running day in and day out as if it’s ‘headshots’ death figures on X-box games has about run its course on most, if only with the truly stupid that watch. More tests = numbers go up? Go figure. Globally death rate drops? Japan and, Israel got this bug right. And, they didn’t crash their economy because they don’t have the U.S. Democratic Party!

    Too many Americans got a taste of money that they didn’t have before President Trump, building our economic engine that now are being thrust back into poverty because Democrat governors are making a collapse happen in each state. On purpose. It’s an election year.

    My only goal for this year is to live to Nov. 3, cast my ballot for the greatest man I’ve been able to vote for in my lifetime.

    Sorry for being long winded/worded in comments.

    • Well, AD, you’ve done a pretty good job of voicin’ my feelin’s. We can all be glad that Ron and Denny use this platform to express a viewpoint that should be seen by more folks who only read/see major media outlets or wallow in the cesspit that is DU and its ilk.

        • Sir, you ain’t the only one who sometimes needs to have a built in 30 second delay on his keyboard. Hell, even ol’ TJ might’ve been a little quick on the trigger at times. :^)
          If’n I screw up and give everybody a laugh at my expense, that’s fine. This is still a great place to hang out. I sometimes seem to hear echoes of Acidman in rants here.

  2. If a majority of congress are all that old, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all, what are the chances that none of them live through this mess? Wouldn’t that be oh-such-a-terrible trajedy?

  3. I see that all the phony self proclaimed “experts” that predicted millions of deaths in the US that the media scum (redundancy) parroted are now backing off. No doubt there were gullible saps who believed them in the first place. This whole fiasco is a big media snow job. I hope the people that lost jobs, income, businesses, etc, remember, this was the media the media and the ***king media.

  4. It goes hand in hand……Dumborats never let a crisis pass without trying taking advantage of it or when a Republican takes charge & leads to then accuse him of failure up to including the death of American citizens.
    Blinky is a perfect example of what a colossal useless asshole happens to be by first holding up passage of the Corona emergency legislation loading it up with Socialist Liberal pork which in no way addresses the emergency, then claims credit for the legislation & blames Trump for holding up its passage. What identifies colossal is she then defends her porkathon claiming it is only fair to address her pet projects . Of course this takes money from its intended purpose & the delay by her actions no doubt did cause some deaths but in her dreams of personal greatness blames Trump for causing deaths.
    Yes lets be honest Blinky is indeed a colossal useless asshole who belongs in a senior citizen elder care home under 24 hour a day supervision to prevent anymore harm by her.
    Were the voters in Mexifornia intelligent they would have voted her out years ago but stupidity & what ever they smoke out there in her district masks her incompetence, arrogance & failure to serve for the benefit of the people.
    At least some 60 % of the people have correctly identified Trump to be the leader we need to handle this crisis. The people are not stupid except in Mexifornia .
    I believe if another cruise ship arrives off the Mexifornia coast full of passengers sick with coronavirus,Blinky should be airlifted to & dropped off on that ship where she ca explain her actions to the sick people .She probably would be promptly pitched overboard by those people who would have no interest in her BS.

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