AOTW 7-31-2020

It should be no surprise who the winner of the Asshole of the Week Award is this week. Coming out of retirement to add to his massive collection AOTW Awards is none other than Barry Obungler. He turned civil rights icon racist pig John Lewis’s funeral into a race baiting bash Trump extravaganza. Some people would say Lewis would not want that. Are you kidding me? Lewis prolly wrote Obumbler’s speech before he died.

Obongo spent the eight years of his presidency fomenting racist strife and he was back in form this week comparing Trump’s reaction to the “peaceful” protests to Bull Conner. What a fucking disgrace this man is. What an asshole.


10 comments on “AOTW 7-31-2020

  1. 600 million dollars in damage and hundreds with no jobs because of the ‘peaceful protests’ in MPLS alone. And to solve the problem the libs are going to defund the police. Oblunder is a walking, talking moron!!!

  2. Just remember, liberalism is a disease, of the worst kind. I have three in my immediate family. I am a Saint who keeps his mouth zipped for threat of the double standard wrath.

  3. Just as bad are when Obongo from Chicongo and Moochelle make a video about people not being able to afford what they used to, and then retreat to their multi-million dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. People’s inability to afford things is due to the money these two parasites have sucked to themselves out of others.

  4. Why can’t some of those who call these protests “peaceful” get themselves caught in the middle of one?

    And you’re right, Denny, I can’t think of a more deserving asshole.

  5. No . . . gotta disagree with you on this’n. “Asshole” is too nice a word for him.

    DingleBarry is the color of fecal matter but only half as valuable. My wish for him is that he be lost in a wasteland and need a Geiger counter to search for his family.

    And if I weren’t so fond of dogs, I’d say it would be nice to find bits of him in their kibble. He can suck hemorrhoids and chew salted pubic hairs for all I care, but it’s not fair to regular assholes such as Schumer and AOC and Joy Reid to put him in the same category.

    I would pay to watch a honey badger demolish whatever is in his groin.

  6. When you give people like Obongo from Chicongo and Moochelle enough time, they eventually show their true colored. (For once, not a typo)
    Also, Alan Dershowitz disclosed going to a nude beach on Martha’s Vineyard. If Obongo from Chicongo and Moochelle ever go there for a nude photo shoot, then mercifully I won’t see it because I don’t subscribe to National Geographic.

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