Flinging Feces

Didja see any of the Barr testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee? I saw snippets of it.

The Dimocrats, led by Jerry the Hutt Nadler, reminded me of monkeys flinging feces. They would ask ridiculous questions and then, when Barr would attempt to answer, they would say, “I’m reclaiming my time”, thus not allowing him to answer. And then, they would fling more feces at him.

Yannow, if I had to put up with that shit, I would just get up and say, “I hold you assholes in comtempt.”

Instead, he took it and when he got a chance, would come out with a snarky comment.

Let’s face it, the combined IQ of Jerry, Hank “Guam is gonna tip over” Johnson, and Sheila Jackson Lee, still do not add up to Barr’s or even that of an average American.

I don’t even know why he shows up at these circuses. What are they gonna do, hold him in contempt? How did that work out with Eric Holder? And haven’t they already held him in contempt?

It’s a shame we can’t hold Congress in contempt.

Anyway, the circus was in town and the monkeys were flinging feces.

Here is Barr taking bullshit from Hank “Guam is gonna tip over” Johnson. Wouldn’t it have been neat if he would have said, “Hey Hank, Guam is not gonna tip over.”

9 comments on “Flinging Feces

  1. Have a political soundbite without any coherent question attached and then claim there isn’t enough time for an answer.

    I won’t insult kangaroo’s by linking their name with this court of public opinion.

  2. The major Major MAJOR problem is that the congress folks are speaking to their constituents who vote, and vote, often on the same day.

  3. I love the way Barr keeps his cool and twiddles with that pen, expressing gentle (as opposed to nasty) contempt with his body language. Sometimes you want a brawler, but sometimes a class act carries the day, and that’s what Barr did.

  4. While we’re on the topic of feces, I want to commend the City of San Francisco for being so dedicated to high-tech AI: Up and down street after street, you find thousands of Arrogant In-Your-Face 3D Printers of Poop.

    • Visiting daughter south of SF. Is no shortage of said piles of human waste here, either. This state is a shithole. I’d never come if it wasn’t for the grandkids.

  5. It was stated years ago by some wise person……If it were possible to have an intelligent debate with a Democrat, in a very short time frame there would be no Democrats.
    Very wise indeed , just wish I could recall their name.

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