The Debate

Didn’t watch it. I take that back. I watched part of it. I wanted to see how Basement Biden would do. Like a trained parrot, he had his talking points memorized. He looked old.

I think Trump came off as a bully. I know why he did it. He was trying to rattle Gropey Joe. Rush Limbaugh said he should have done less of it and let Biden hang himself like he did when he said 200 million of sumpin’. Can’t remember what.

Wallace got the Candy Crawley Award for trying to gang up on Trump. Trump is no Mittens Romneycare. The moment he lost the election was when he let Crawley roll him.Trump was having none of it. He went right back at Wallace with, “So I’m debating you too?” That’s what I want to see in a Republican candidate. The moderators are always gonna take the side of the Dimocrat candidate. Point this out.

Biden exceeded expectations which wasn’t hard to do since they were so low.

Conspiracy theorists are saying he was wearing a wire. Could be since the Biden camp refused to allow Joe to be checked for an earpiece.

Here’s a shocker for the Dimocrats. A survey done on Spanish network Telemundo had Trump winning the debate handily. Dimocrats need Latinos. Trump is doing well with that demographic.

The next debate will be a town hall format where attendees will ask the questions. Of course, just like with moderators asking the questions, Biden will get the softballs and Trump will get the hardballs.

I doubt if I’ll watch much of that debate either. The only reason I watched any of Tuesday’s debate was to see if Sniffy would pass out.