Taking One For The Team

Hey didja hear about Jeffry Toobin? He was the CNN dude who beat his meat on a Zoom call. He claims he didn’t know the video was enabled.

I can kinda relate. I was on a conference call and was on speaker and I thought I had muted myself. As a certain point in the call the moderatoer said, “What shall we do next?”

I said, “How about ending this call?”

There was silence. Then the moderator said, “Uh, OK.”

I looked at my phone. Omigawd! I wasn’t muted! After pressing the mute button, I said to my office mate, “I really thought I was muted.”

All ended well because this was a weekly bullshit call where we accomplished nothing and everyone on the call was used to my personality. Most of them agreed with my sentiments.

And I wasn’t stroking the lizard.

Someone snarked on another blog, “Jeffrey Toobin is a master debater.”

I wish I had written that.

And didja see the other people who were on the Zoom call? None of the women were a bit attractive so who was he strokin’ it for? Do Zoom calls arouse him? Did he have Pornhub open in another window?

Or did he take one for the team? Did he do this to change the subject from Hunter Biden and all of the slime that is hitting the Biden family? It worked for a day or two.

My sister sez I should make him Asshole of the Week. Nope. More like Dickhead of the Week.

How dumb do you have to be to jackoff on a Zoom call?