Where’s The Moon Base?

Saw on Insty that December 13, 1972 was that last time humans walked on the moon. 48 years later and we haven’t been back. To hell with the flying cars, where’s the moon base? We should have had a permanent presence on the moon by now. Heck, where is the high altitude space station we saw in 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Werner von Braun was opposed to the way we went to the moon. He wanted to go to high earth orbit first and from there to the moon but that approach wouldn’t have got us there in the 60’s as Kennedy had promised. We won the race to the moon but didn’t have any plans afterwards.

We built the space shuttle but that was a low orbit vehicle. And then we didn’t have a replacement when we retired it so we had to buy rides from the Russians to get to the international space station. How humiliating!

I can still remember some black race hustler (I think it was Ralph Abernathy) driving a mule drawn wagon to one of the moon launches protesting that the money spent on the launches should go to social programs. So we abandoned the moon and blew $21 trillion on the War on Poverty. How’d that work out? We have no moon base and we still have a lot of poverty.

Remember the cheesy British TV program Space 1999? Back when it came out we really did think we’d have a moon base by the turn of the century, just like we did when 2001: A Space Odyssey came out.

We should be established in high earth orbit, have a moon base, and be on our way to Mars by now.

We blew a ton of money on the space shuttle instead of building vehicles to get us to high earth orbit (where the future is), to the moon, and beyond.

Space 1999 should have been a reality, except for that part about the moon leaving the solar system.

48 years since we walked on the moon and we might be going back in four years. Maybe not, under a Gropey Joe administration.

I would like to see an American walk on the moon before I croak.