Biden Cabinet

Here we go again. One thing we can count on in a Dimocrat administration is that it will be staffed with an incompetent cabinet. But to these clowns identity is more important. That’s where we get the “cabinet that looks like America” bullshit. After all, that is more important than competence.

Just look who is gonna be the Secretary of Transportation. It’s Pete Buttplug. What are his qualifications you may ask, besides being queer? Why he’s ridden on a train and been through an airport terminal. He has traveled the Hershey highway so he’s got that going for him.

Whoopie Goldberg stated that Jill “Call me Doctor” Biden would make a great Surgeon General. Why not? She’s prolly more qualified for that post than she would be for Secretary of Education.

Remember, the only reason Horizontal Harris is the VP is because she is a colored woman, ooops, I mean woman of color. She certainly isn’t qualified for that post, but then Biden isn’t qualified for his post either.

We’re gonna get a bunch of Obungler retreads. Flipper is gonna be the climate czar. Better that than Secretary of State. Let’s put a dude with multiple homes, a private jet, and a yacht in charge of capping carbon emissions.

So we’ve got the queer dude. I’m sure there will be plenty of Africans. What he really needs is a trans person. I mean we’ve got plenty of stupid people, we need someone with a mental disorder as well.

It’s gonna be a long four years.