Governor Abrams Tank

Well, looks like in two years Stacey Abrams Tank will finally be the real governor of Georgia. Kemp will be a one tern governor.

The Dimocrats have figgered out how to get past that pesky voter id rule. Absentee ballots. Signature shmignature. Close enough. And don’t worry, the governor and the secretary of state will allow us to get away with it.

This absentee ballot stuff is a farce. I can see it for disabled people and military personnel but any able bodied person who is too lazy to go to the polls doesn’t deserve to vote.

It’s not like it’s hard to get to the polls. JHFC! They have early voting now fer chrissakes. If you can’t find time to get to the polls with all of the dates, you don’t deserve to vote.

Now, with absentee ballots, the Dimocrats don’t have to round up lazy folks and bus them to the polls. Now all they have to do is get them to sign a filled out ballot.

“Sign here. Go back to hitting the crack pipe.”

Kemp and Raffensperger allowed this to happen. They allowed the general and runoff elections to be stolen. Abrams Tank took them to the cleaners. Now, both of them will be voted out of office in 2022. Way to go boys.

And on the national front, I’m still waiting for Sidney Powell to release the Kraken.