Joke Of The Week

From Jane Austen.

Two canine officers, Frank and Chip, each from different agencies, ran into each other at a donut shop, and of course the bragging began.

“My German Shepard,” said Frank, “is the fastest dog in the state of Texas, and never fails to bring down a perp.”

“That’s nice,” said Chip, “but my Miss Whiskers is better. In fact, she never has to chase any perp at all. Criminals will literally run and leap in the paddy wagon on their own.”

“Miss Whiskers?” laughed Frank. “I’d like to see that!” The bet was on, and they agreed to meet at the training site on Saturday to see which was the best.

They each brought their regular human assistants. Chip stated, “To make this fair, my assistant will work against your dog, and your assistant can take on Miss Whiskers.”

After preliminary readiness, Chip’s assistant, in his heavy bite protection, began to advance on Frank’s famous German Shepard, Killer. That magnificent patrol canine rapidly brought Chip’s assistant down and held him until given the order to release.

Chip then made ready, as Frank’s assistant walked onto the field.

Frank walked to the door of his K9 vehicle and stood. Chip yelled, “You better get inside your car before Miss Whiskers goes through her exercise.”

“Ok, ok,” Frank laughed, as the door on Chip’s patrol unit began to slowly open. Frank heard the faint growl of Miss Whiskers, but as he looked up he saw his own assistant runing at full speed, twist in the air and leap head first into Frank’s own vehicle, slamming the door behind him.

“What the Hell just happened?” yelled Frank. He got out as Chip closed the door back on his own unit.

“Miss Whiskers is a cat,” replied Chip. “Miss Whiskers, is what we named her when we got her. The place where we got her gave her a lousy name, and we just thought Miss Whiskers was kinda fitting.”

“What did they call her?” asked Frank’s shaken assistant.

Chip smiled broadly and replied, “Puma.”