Governor Abrams Tank

Well, looks like in two years Stacey Abrams Tank will finally be the real governor of Georgia. Kemp will be a one tern governor.

The Dimocrats have figgered out how to get past that pesky voter id rule. Absentee ballots. Signature shmignature. Close enough. And don’t worry, the governor and the secretary of state will allow us to get away with it.

This absentee ballot stuff is a farce. I can see it for disabled people and military personnel but any able bodied person who is too lazy to go to the polls doesn’t deserve to vote.

It’s not like it’s hard to get to the polls. JHFC! They have early voting now fer chrissakes. If you can’t find time to get to the polls with all of the dates, you don’t deserve to vote.

Now, with absentee ballots, the Dimocrats don’t have to round up lazy folks and bus them to the polls. Now all they have to do is get them to sign a filled out ballot.

“Sign here. Go back to hitting the crack pipe.”

Kemp and Raffensperger allowed this to happen. They allowed the general and runoff elections to be stolen. Abrams Tank took them to the cleaners. Now, both of them will be voted out of office in 2022. Way to go boys.

And on the national front, I’m still waiting for Sidney Powell to release the Kraken.

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  1. It wouldn’t matter if she did. The whole thing was rigged and the outcome decided from the start. President Trump stood in the way of the grift, so he had to go. As for us, the people who will suffer under the communist rule being ushered in? We’re just fodder for their schemes. The Republicans are no better, and in my mind, are worse, than the worthless democrats. I’m just glad my parents and grandparents are dead and are not seeing this. I regret our children will suffer under it.

  2. Didn’t Abrams’ sister, a judge (Federal, State, Local), rule that the voter rolls don’t need to be cleaned up thus anyone who is still registered to vote even though they may be deceased now can be used by the Rats for a vote thus subverting Georgia law. The same for no new registrations for a run off election. They do know how to find the corrupt judges. What I have found disgusting about all the shenanigans pulled by the Rats is they do it and have no remorse about it. No ethics and no conscience. Just the way the game is played. So what if they lie, cheat, and steal to win. It’s ok, they’re Rats.

  3. She’ll probably wind up as a deputy US Atty Gen or head of the FBI or something.

    After what she’s pulled off here in Georgia she’ll be expecting some reward.

    • Or a Supreme Court Justice. Her or Emmet Sullivan, the corrupt judge in the Flynn case. One of my predictions is that Roberts will resign shortly after Joe and the Ho are sworn in thus giving the Rats the ability to select the Chief Justice that runs the court.

    • Her “reward” will be the entire contents of the state treasury transferred to her off-shore account.

  4. Your country is doomed. The GOP will never win another election. The Dems have figured this out down to a T. By using absentee and mail in ballots, they can make it all look legitimate while cheating like a Springer show guest.

    State governments need to fix their election laws, but this will never happen because the dems will never let themselves lose another election. If the republic is to be saved, you’ll need to seize power back.

    • The irony is that now that the Dems have figured how to pull off the most blatant election fraud ever with no consequences, they’ll probably never have to do it again; the bulk of the Republican electorate has just shifted to the “Why bother?” mode and will stay home.

      Kemp and Raffensperger will be out the door, yes, but with all that Dominion bribe money. Not only did they greenlight the purchase of the voting machines which brought down the Republic, they used taxpayer money to finance it. Soros must be laughing his ass off.

  5. The “glass is half empty” side of me has emerged. It’s over as far as I’m concerned. The country is lost. Conservatives will never win an election again. Ballot box stuffing and vote switching has now become a precedent. I have been a faithful voter for over 40 years. I cast my last vote last November. From now on, any time spent at the polls would simply be a waste of that time.

    • I’m only keeping my voter registration to vote against the incumbent in the primaries and their opponent in the general elections.

  6. Gloom an doom accept what is given or fight start at the local level. Go after the so called local leaders. Push at every level. Or just sit an cry your choice. I have decided to stop being the nice guy

  7. In my county in Komminfornia, we haven’t had polling places locally for the last 2 elections. Partly because of mail in ballots and partly because there haven’t been enough volunteers to man them.

  8. Hopefully Trump will start using the military to stop the takeover. He has the power to get rid of all the traitors.
    And this morning there is more info on showing Obama is behind this coup and it is under investigation.
    Time for Trump to attack and clean up congress. He only has 7 supporters from the Senate and none from the House. Take out all the others as well.

  9. Just canceled my voter registration with the crooked State of Georgia. Wife did too. Voted for 40 years. Not anymore.

  10. I kinda think that eventually this country will be absorbed into the Chinese Borg. After all both sides of the aisle have sold us out to China on many levels… As I recall, the Pentagon had an ‘open house’ for the red chinks back during Obastard’s last four years in office. That ‘Make America Great’ catch phrase doesn’t sit well with local commie turds. It doesn’t fit in with our future masters either…..( I’m being somewhat sarcastic with that last comment )

  11. How can yourself an American and brag about not being willing to vote again?

    I voted for Trump in 2016 and there was now way he was getting my vote in 2020. So I believe he did lose. I don’t understand how Trump can claim he won by a landslide. His spoiled ass lost the election and he can’t handle it.

    Now to the election fraud, where is the evidence? That being said, our country needs to do something to ensure no one can ever question the results of our elections.

    I wish those that stormed the capital didn’t steal and destroy shit, it hurt their message. They should have occupied not destroyed. And I know some want to say it wasn’t the Trump supporters, I don’t buy it.

  12. If DJT had just been a bit more ‘presidential’, he might have won this election in a landslide given his accomplishments – economy, unemployment, withdrawal from foreign involvements, trade deals, even helping push through the development of COVID vaccines, etc. In my view, it doesn’t matter – I won’t live to see it but this once great country is doomed. As it is said: A man reaps what he sows. We’ll see how this ‘woke’ generation feels after a few years of Biden/Harris.

    • He absolutely would have. He lost us center rights, and pushed away the center lefts.

      And remember Biden says don’t you dare call those people protesters. Good I won’t, I’ll call them Americans that stood up for their representation, I just wish they didn’t steal shit.

      The real question is, what kind of options will we have in 2024?

      • By 2024 I doubt they will even have elections. The America hating libs will abolish elections by then. Much like what they have just done to all of social media. Anyone that thinks Biden actually won deserves all that and more.

        • I didn’t vote for Biden and I definitely think that Trump lost. How one can not see that is what baffles me.

          Trump continued the divide in America, he tried to hard to not lose the extreme right wing groups and said eat shit to the rest of us.

    • Remember to tell them what?

      And yes I am concerned about my rights to arm a firearm. In fact, I currently own none, but am planning to buy one before Biden takes office, was out shopping today.

      • I voted for Trump you dumb bastard. 2016 and 2020. You attack me and then have the brazen stupidity to claim that you did not vote Republican? Who the fuck are you to attack me, or anyone else that voted for Trump? People like you in this country are the damn problem. This is a conservative site, why don’t you go back to dlisted or grindr or whatever faggot left wing toilet you slithered out of.

        Dumb fucks like you caused all this. Own it.

        • Didn’t attack you, I asked how you can call yourself an American if you are bragging about not voting.

          And it doesn’t matter who to fuck I vote for. I vote for the candidate who I think is the best at the time, no matter what dumb ass letter follows their name.

          Your in ability to be understanding of others is the real problem (left as well, you folks are more alike than you want to admit). I didn’t know that I had to be a blind sheep to be here (American Freedom on the net), and by the way I’ve been around this site for a long time. So please don’t fucking label me. Or I’ll label you a racist, bigot or the other long list of bullshit cop out names for the Trump supporters.

          Glad to know I got under your skin, guess I’ll stick around more.

          • How nice … maybe you can keep reminding us how you didn’t vote for DJT because he said really, really mean things.

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