Ronsday – Woke Nation

What’s on Ron’s mind now?

Sittin here listenin to the pre-dawn thunderclangers and tryin to get my blood pressure to subside . . . . not ‘zackly a good plan ‘cuz the power keeps floppin on and off and accordin to local news, we’ve already had wind gusts over 70 mph.

Anyhow, it struck me that what we need is to come up with some new conspiracy theories, ‘cuz all the old ones are becoming true . . . and this “woke” fad is just selfish people’s way of pressuring others to stop whatever it is that’s bothering their delicate sensibilities.

America hasn’t necessarily lost its virtues, merely forgotten them. What we’ve lost is not our values but our minds. We’ve abandoned faith in our Constitution and become addicted to wokeness. White guilt has become an opiate for the left. The left has gone blind drunk without any wine.

Like MLB and Coke, virtue signaling about a law they haven’t even read but saying absolutely nothing about concentration camps in China and homosexuals being thrown off roofs in Islamic nations — the CEOs making those decisions will lose no pay, no bonuses, no benefits . . . no personal sacrifice . . . but the city of Atlanta will, and the irony is that Colorado requires voter i.d. with foto to vote in person.

MLB is just BLM with dyslexia . . . it’s like with masks – if Faux Chi announced that white masks don’t work but green ones do, half the country would switch colors tonite . . . arrant dumbassery and widespread sheepshit.

Liberals such as Juan Williams and Rachel Maddow must have the toughest jobs in the world . . . constantly having to come up with explanations for why Democrats screw things up all the time, especially Joe Bidementia.

Unsatisfied with being grossly misinformed, they pride themselves on being criminally ignorant of reality . . . in fact, you hafta wonder how long it’s gonna take for them to see that the reason businesses resist paying “living wages” is that Dems insist on importing millions of people who are willing to work for slave wages.

Hey, morons – things happen for a reason, and sometimes that reason is stupid people making bad decisions. . . and the problem is that censorship by the MSM and social media shield us from that reality . . . like, nearly a third of businesses in Atlanta are owned by blacks, and the city is more than 50% black by population, so whom are they actually punishing?

As for boycotting the Masters tournament because the word itself is linked to slavery, what about master’s degree, MasterCard, master-at-arms, master plumber, master mechanic, dockmaster, beachmaster, ship master, Navy master chief . . . .

Thunberg, Olbermann, and Hogg . . . most annoying ignoranti on the planet – they try to ponder deep, important, philosophical issues but always get focused on that microphone . . . the woke have spoke . . . e pluribus dumbasses who should’ve remained imaginary and stayed in their remedial education classes.

The problem for young adults growin up these days is not that they’re stupid or illiterate or deprived or anything, but that they have SO much false information and biased thinking to UNlearn.

Like lobotomy volunteer Ginger Jen Psircle, who ain’t doin Sundowner Joe a lotta good with her droning repetition of worn-out propaganda. Like Joey, she’s a deer-in-the-headlights graduate in good standing of Catatonia State . . . not the brightest candle in the chandelier.

Ya gotta wonder why the MSM has virtually nothing to say about the Durham report, Epstein’s suspicious death, riots in the northwest, Biden’s kid’s laptop, his drug habit, his girlfriend, the unending corruption, the endless “2-week” lockdown.

And now to distract attention from Joey’s dementia and his kid’s descent into the sewer, Dems are working to convince people that this new gun-control law, the 3,872nd one, will end the violence forever.

Gun control – it is to laugh – Dems say gun control will take weapons away only from those who are mentally ill . . . then when asked what criterion determines mental illness, they say anyone who thinks he needs to own a gun for protection is obviously insane, so we take it away.

Those who have strong feelings about gun control need to educate themselves with the documented history of populations that were disarmed by their governments. It ain’t purty.

And just for the record, the majority of criminals do not go to legitimate gun stores to buy weapons; they don’t give a rat’s ass about gun laws; background checks mean nothing to them; what they want is for the people they prey upon to have THEIR guns taken away from them. But, Dems can’t comprehend that.

Parasites such as Pelosi, Harris, the Clintons, DingleBarry are addicts, to power – it’s narcotic-like in its ability to grip and never release the bureaucrat who becomes addicted to it. They totally lose sight of who hired them and for what.

Know what? I reckon I definitely deserve some kinda recognition, perhaps even a medal, for resisting the urge to go to D.C. and blast away some of those swamp creatures.

Ah, well . . . time’s closin in on 0800, wind has mostly died down, and I think the rising water that was headed toward the front door is beginnin to recede back down toward the storm drains. Power seems o.k., so I’m gonna cook me some red beans ‘n’ sausage and wait for the Masters Tournament to come on the telly – only sports event I bother with these days.