Ron – President *’s Speech

Ron on the the speech.

So this Wednesday PINO Joe is gonna commemorate his 100th day as illegitimate PotUS by addressing the Congress. Problem is, nobody really wants to hear 46* stumble through another lecture on masks or trannies or inclusiveness or the wokest of all chants – “Systemic Racism.” No, Joey’s first address will be a face-mask covid-fear liberal-only anti-Trump green-new-deal cliché festival.

What’s novel about it all is that behind him on the dais will be two completely useless females, one of whom accused him of being a racist during the campaign and the other who will pop up like a jack-in-the-box to applaud every time he surprisingly completes a logical sentence.

Editors and analysts are already planning their accolades for what they’ll report as the most important and moving speech since Washington’s farewell, FDR’s call for war after Pearl Harbor, and JFK’s “I am a donut.”

We are being managed . . . controlled, actually . . . by a wokocracy of twerps who refuse to even mention stories which don’t support their agenda. Of course anything damaging or critical of Trump and his policies is breaking news.

In fact, except for Trump bashing, the Harris/Biden administration has so far been a bit of a black hole of information about serious issues such as China, border security, problems with WuHuFlu vaccines, lost jobs, riots, and assaults on individual freedoms, particularly those enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

Talk shows, late-nite comics, athletes, singers, and actors have become primary commentators, deliberately ignorant blatherers such as LeBron, Jennifer, Jimmy, Cher, and Joy now guide opinions of teenagers and college students.

When mainstream news media and central government spokesmouths deliberately suppress information about what’s going on, my curiosity is aroused as to what the hell actually IS going on. It’s as if the MSM is taking advice from Joe Goebbels and Circle-back Psaki is using the Pravda playbook.

Sex trafficking, FBI corruption, abuse of power, media bias, food modifications, illegal aliens receiving benefits, hypocrisy in government – these are NOT conspiracy theories; they’re real and happening now.

Earth is wobbling on its axis and about to veer away from the sun toward a cold, ubiquitous death in the intergalactic void, and I don’t blame it.

The concept of a one-party government with guns in an unarmed society with face-recognition software, RFID tracking, and laws that apply only to civilians and not politicians seems a little ominous to me. And I’m not entirely sure about those trains that Basement Joe says will go across country as fast as jet planes.

It’s kinda like this comment I read a few days ago on a blog:

“My friend’s husband won’t let her visit any friends or family. He’s made her stop all contact with them unless it’s by fone or computer. He reads, monitors, and often deletes comments on social media.

It’s making her believe she’s going nuts for thinking he’s so controlling, and that makes her feel like an ingrate after all he does for her, since he does those things only because he says he cares so much about her.

She’s not allowed to go to the gym any more, and she’s not allowed to go to the office for work, making her totally dependent upon him.

Except for necessities, she doesn’t really leave the house much, and her husband makes sure people shame her and guilt her for being out in public.

Now he wants her to have this medical procedure, and if she does he’ll allow her more freedom of movement. He insists it’s all for her own safety.”

Just a metaphor, of course . . . the husband is the government. The point is that if you had a friend whose husband actually did those things to her, you’d be pissed, but you’re willing to be obedient and submissive when it’s the government, right?