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How’s that global warming doing?

Global warming devastates French wine grapes

At least a third of French wine production worth almost €2bn (£1.7bn) in sales will be lost this year after rare freezing temperatures devastated many vines and fruit crops across France, raising concerns over the climate crisis.

“This is probably the greatest agricultural catastrophe of the beginning of the 21st century,” the French agriculture minister, Julien Denormandie, said this week as the government declared an “agricultural disaster” and began preparing emergency financial measures.

The French resorted to burning candles in the vineyards to keep the grapes from freezing.

It wasn’t too long ago that I read about French wineries buying land in England because they thought France would get too warm.

How’s Germany doing?

April across much of Europe has been unusually cold, frosty and even snowy, and the media have been awfully quiet about it. The following chart shows the mean temperature anomalies with respect to the 1991-2020 reference period so far (up through April 17):

With a mean temperature of 4.5°C for Germany, April so far continues to be the second coldest since 1881, according to German DWD national weather service records. Only 1917 was colder at a mean of 4.3°C.

Another cold blast forecast for next weekend

And it likely isn’t going to change too much, as the ECMWF model is forecasting yet another unusual April cold wave with snow and frost for next week. A warm up is forecast near the end of the month, but that is still some 10 days out.

Most snowy April in 35 years.

I hope the Gretard is freezing in Sweden.

What about the good ol’ USA?

NORTH AMERICA: A powerful Arctic blast has delivered –and is continuing to deliver– record April cold and snow as far south as Oklahoma, with the unprecedented wintry conditions forecast to run into May.

A strong cold front, riding unusually-far south on the back of a weak and wavy meridional jet stream, has returned large areas of the U.S. and Canada to winter, with hundreds (likely thousands) of cold and snow records falling across many states — a reality that has left global warming proponents scratching their heads, tapping their charts, and bleating dogmatic nonsense such as “it was the warm what did it!”

Yep! It’s always that pesky global warming that has caused these record cold temperatures and the record snowfall. More at the site.

My BIL turned me on to Electroverse a few months ago.

Brrrrr! It’s chilly here in beautiful Dunwoody

14 comments on “Global Warming News

  1. Just South of Memphis, we barely avoided a freeze the last two nights with a low of 36.

    The rioters aren’t lighting enough fires.

  2. Have had Thursday and Friday morning temps dip to freezing in the mid-Atlantic. When is that global warming expected to arrive?

  3. Yesterday, the TV station in Chico, CA kept pushin’ the Glowbull Warmening/Climate Change myth. Sad, since their weather guy used to be Anthony Watts.

  4. `

    last week the Robins were back,temperatures were in the high 60s,tree`s & flowers were budding ……..even mowed the grass.
    This week 3-5 inch`s of frozen global warming with low temperatures in the 30`s.
    Global Warming ….BullShit!

  5. I know this is going to be complicated for Commucrats, and especially college students, but it is called weather. It has always been called weather. Our weather is mostly influenced by the sun and these assholes cant do squat about what the sun decides to do. But if they want to get on a spaceship and head there, I’ll donate as long as they dont turn back until they get there.

  6. It would be fun to put the Gretard in her place, and reduce her to tears. It would also be easy because these people have no understanding of the actual science and paleontological history. I would tell her:

    1. Over the last 500 million years the earth has been a hot greenhouse planet 80% of the time, and a cold icehouse planet only 20% of the time. The earth is trying to return to its 80% norm, and the Gretard is trying to interfere.

    2. During its 80% norm, the poles are gentle enough to support turtles, crocodiles, and palm trees. I would then show the Gretard pictures of turtles frozen to death, and demand to know why this is what she advocates, with the present harsh polar climate.

    Also, badger her about her being the generation that wastes energy riding in vehicles to school, and the use of air conditioning. We are the generation that walked, bicycled to school, and went to school without air conditioning.

    • You mean like California? Yannow where most of the American wine is produced? My home state, Missouri, has been producing commercial wine since 1854. Virginia has a robust wine industry.

    • Actually the Pa &NY grape growing area`s along Lake Erie are doing quite well.
      I have several friends that are grape farmers who produce wine also but the bulk of their yearly harvest tonnage is shipped to the NY finger lakes area for wine making.
      Hint !…….Some of the popular finger lakes wines are made from lake Erie area ,grapes,as to the percentage I do not know but notice grapes are shipped there by tonnage.

  7. Denny……..You are correct as to who leads in American wine production. For the record my reply was intended for for Linda s…….Sorry if I flubbed the reply.
    I do think the Lake Erie region leads in producing “Ice Wine” from frozen grapes but I cannot attest to its quality.

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