While I was at the hotel in Augusta I talked to two members of the staff. One was a manager and the other was a housekeeper. They both told me the same thing. It’s hard to find people to hire. No one wants to work. Why not? If the gummint is gonna pay you more to stay at home than you would get by working why work?

I happened to notice a little note on the mirror in the bathroom that stated if you wanted to have your room made up you had to call the front desk and ask for it. WTF? This should be automatic, to have your bed made and fresh towels in the bathroom. Right off the bat this told me there was a staffing shortage which was confirmed when I talked to one of the housekeepers. She was 66 and on Social Security so this is good money for her especially since they gave her a raise to keep her.

The manager I talked to got a raise as well so she would stay on.

Remember the good old days when you stayed at a hotel you got fresh sheets every day? Me too. Now, to “save the environment” they no longer do that anymore. “Save the environment” my crippled ass! It’s to save the money.

So we got a really bad jobs report and President * said that means the country is on the right track. This really is Obumbler’s’s third term. I really expect to hear the Fake News Media start recycling stories from the Obungler years writing about Recovery Summer or Green Shoots.

I hope all of you * voters are happy that you voted for this booger eatin’ moh-ron.

On a lighter note, my sister, her husband, and I went out to eat Friday night. No one at the restaurant were wearing masks, that included the staff. The food was great!

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  1. The Fake News Media has decided what their agenda will be, and none of it involves the truth anymore:

    1. Given the present PBS reporter imposter, I finally understand why Lew Alcindor changed his name.

    2. A false-advertising bait-and-switch operation is being perpetrated by the presentation of the TV Show “The View”. A truthful “The View” would show Melania and Ivanka, not Jee Boyhar and Guinan’s grandmother.

  2. I fear when he says we’re on the right track he really means it. And this is just the beginning. God help us.

  3. Hotels and fresh sheets? 4 years ago i went to Ft. Bragg in NC, Fayetteville to see my grandson. The hotel not one time made the bed in 5 days. I asked for the maid to place fresh towels, and i was told you have to bring the dirties down to get new ones.

  4. they are doubling down;
    the plan is working
    make bigger government
    make people dependent,
    look at free market solutions
    dems believe govt is the solution,
    reagen said it well,
    govt is the problem
    the vaccine for covid is one example,
    supplementing Nasa.
    people are not as dumb as dems,
    believe or hope for,
    they will find they can make more
    have benefits,
    with a decent job.
    and reject govt unemployment checks

  5. The last few times I’ve stayed in a hotel for more than one night, they said they were only grabbing trash and refreshing towels. They blamed Covid for it so they wouldn’t have to spend any unnecessary time in the rooms.

  6. Been stayin’ at a hotel for most of the last 8 months. Folks check with us almost every day to see if we need anything, but unless requested, housekeeping is only done weekly. Since we’ve been here so long, they tell us just to call the desk for anything and they’re more than happy to take care of us.
    There’s been some turnover while we’ve been here but most of the staff has stayed. The big problem is that they can’t fill openings.The woman who hires told us that she used to advertise and get a hundred applicants for 4 positions. Now, 10 call for interviews for 2 jobs and only 4 actually show up to talk to her.

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