Sunday Metal 5-16-2021

This sounds like a ripoff of Judas Priest because it is. This is K.K. Downing’s new band, KK Priest. The band rocks! Good Halford imitator.

3 comments on “Sunday Metal 5-16-2021

  1. The singer is Tim Ripper Owens, he replaced Halford when he left Priest, then got fired when he came back. Rumor has it that the movie RockStar (with skid marky-mark and a hot Jennifer Aniston) was the based on him. Funny thing is Priest only has 2 of their original members in the band, KK’s Priest has K.K and the drummer Les Binks played drums with Priest from ’77-79′, he is not on the new album but will tour with them.

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