Ronsday – Queer Pride Month

Yep! June is Queer Pride Month. Ron has some thoughts.

I keep hearing introductory statements such as “the first openly gay ambassador” or “the first openly lesbian judge” or “the first openly transgender advisor” on my television, and as hard as I search, I can not find even the tiniest bit of me which gives a shit about their genital equipment, their sexual behavior, or their “contributions” to society.

Hell, we just recently had “the first openly criminal woman to fun for US president,” and now we have “the first international career bunko artist” in the White House. Next I’m sure it’ll be “the first openly communist senator,” or “the first openly atheist Supreme Court Justice.”

I read this mornin about the elementary school teacher in Virginia who refused to “affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa” and was placed on administrative leave for not kowtowing to the liberal left who insist that gender is fluid and a person can identify as whatever he likes and alter English grammar by making up new pronouns to call himself.

My grandchildren will one day no doubt hear about “the first openly Mafia governor” and “the first openly black dwarf Chinese Muslim rabbi.”

And this drecch about “toxic masculinity” – you’d think if that were true, kids growing up without fathers would be better off than those who don’t have one, but that’s not the case – they tend to be more troubled and headed for failure – seems we could use MORE masculinity in homes, not less.

Another faux fable — Black Lives Matter . . . yeah, right – except in St. Louis, New Orleans, Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicongo . . . . Gotta wonder why BLM and Antifa never seem to attack biker bars, construction sites, or other places where grown alpha males tend to congregate.

Blacks killing blacks with no regrets and no let-up means simply that it’s something that whites shouldn’t concern themselves with, since it’s a purely cultural thing amongst ‘em. “Amfrican” – a hybrid word combining the qualities of whininess and laziness in persons with excessive melanin, characterized by the slogan “Pants Down/Let’s Loot.”

Brutha Jawdge Floyd did NOT die of asphyxiation – he was a drug thug with enough chemicals in his body that day to kill four people. To announce to the world that another career criminal in the mold of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and the others is on the path to sainthood as an amfrican role model is more than wrong – it’s friggin insane.

The pinnacle of black entertainment would be Al Sharpton interviewing Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee on the topic of white privilege while the “St. Skittles Nocturn” by the Soul Train Rhythmettes plays in the background.

And ain’t it kinda funny that with the left controlling nearly all the media, Hollywood, and major urban politics as well as Congress that they can’t figure out whose fault it might be if “systemic institutional racism” actually DOES exist in this country?

BLM is the majority stockholder in the National Association of Window Replacement Contractors. Wouldn’t you just love to find someone who’d love you the way the well-intended tofu and arugula set love Antifa, BLM, and biological males winning women’s athletic events?

We’ve reached the stage where all a college kid has to do to pass a test in any of the humanities is answer each question “Racism!” White adolescents these days aren’t much interested in traditional sports like the kids back when I grew up. They’re more into blackification, or cultural mimification for persons of NO color.

Doofuspotus Joe doesn’t think he’s a racist; it’s clear he thinks of black people as adorable little special-needs kids who don’t have the intelligence to do the things white people can do. He’s eagerly awaiting the premiere of a new hit movie he’s heard about – The African-Americans’ Quest for I.D. Cards.

Meritocracy in America has been relegated to some kind of archaic white-privilege insult to people of color, a sin of prejudice and systemic racism. For POC, it’s like watching people dancing but not hearing the music they’re dancing to. Hey, y’know what . . . since the Egyptians used slave labor when they built the pyramids, they should be torn down, right?