Ronsday – Saturday Rant

Sent to me on Saturday.

Not sure how I got on the routine of postin rants on Saturdays, but it’s become a kind of habit. Here’s today’s:

America . . . the Covinoia Republic where everybody has the right to express his opinion on anything, regardless of how ignorant, stupid, woke, racist, or whatever it might be, as long as they social distance and get their vaccination – unless, of course, they are conservatives who support Trump.

The only problem is that we are already deeply involved in a nearly bloodless revolution to replace the republic with communism. In case you don’t remember, back in the late 60s and early 70s, Mao began a “cultural revolution” in China based on communism and total control of the population. It caused starvation and the deaths of 100s of millions of Chinese.

Today China has morphed into a capitalist juggernaut which is overtaking the US economy while we are revving up OUR cultural revolution toward communism and post-pandemic paranoia and taking giant steps toward throttling free enterprise.

So far it’s progressed to the point of

a completely unmanageable trade deficit

a national debt that is larger than the GNP

a backsliding of racial harmony to the chaos of the 60s

total loss of border security

confusion over which bathroom to use

mayors and governors making rules not authorized by their constitutions

children being taught critical race theory instead of classic literature

people uncomfortable with pronoun use

gays/lesbians/trannies dictating behavior for the rest of society

collapsing infrastructure

hysterical belief that climate changes are man-made

people hiding their faces behind completely ineffective masks

an animated cadaver as CinC with an ignorant slattern as his VP

a plagiarizing flip-flopper making health-care decisions for everyone

citizens led to believe that their freedoms are selfish

and a voting system nobody trusts any more.

IMO, anyone who genuinely believes white people are inherently evil, racist, and oppressive and is offended by display of the US flag, which they consider a symbol of that racism and oppression, is too goddam stupid to be allowed to vote on anything

It’s just a barely disguised re-run of Hitler’s scapegoating of the Jews a century ago.

It’s come to pass that many US states which never allowed slavery are taking money from people whose ancestors never owned slaves and giving it to people whose ancestors never WERE slaves . . . and a US congresswoman has informed us that the way to reduce crime and the number of black males in prisons is to stop building prisons. Some people need inspirational quotes to get each day started while others only need reinforced ignorance, propaganda, and hate for Trump.

I just don’t get this critical race business . . . it looks like classic blameshifting and scapegoating to me, accusing white people of everything that’s gone wrong since Sodom and Gomorrah and completely ignoring that all people were created by God in his own image and are thereby equal. In other words “critical race theory” is based on the premise that the white race, and ONLY the white race, deserves criticism.

This morning I saw an article which says “whiteness is a malignant, parasitic-like condition . . . for which there is no cure.”

Pretty clear to me, tho, that the root cause of all the racial unrest in this country came from The One @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January 2008. The meat puppet we have today is like having a lawyer who knows nothing about the law, a journalist who never learned how to be a journalist, and a leader who couldn’t encourage a squad of WWII grunts into a Yokohama whorehouse.

JRB looks like a drunk who keeps pushing on a door that clearly says “Pull.” He seems unable to determine which is the greater threat to the country . . . climate, racism, white privilege, or Trump.

For some reason, now that he’s been in office for 4 months, we don’t seem to see very many Biden supporters raving about all the neat stuff he’s done so far. The guy is unable to focus on problems, unable to complete logical sentences, unable to see that the border crisis is real and HIS fault, unable to keep his hands off of little girls and other men’s wives. I heard he really gets a thrill out of horseback riding, as long as Doctor Jill keeps him supplied with quarters.

In a logical society, he’d have been put away a LONG time ago. In post-pandemania Murka he’s reading recycled stolen speeches, making inappropriate and suggestive comments about little girls, and getting a daily dose of Ensure after his nap so that he can shuffle into the office and sign EOs written by Jarrett and DingleBarry reversing ones put into effect by properly elected #45.

He’s a relic, a derelict leftover from failed campaigns and inept administrations making decisions based on pressure from anti-American interests which provided massive funding to his stealth snooze run for the PotUSy. His motto is “Making Better Mistakes Through Plagiarism.”

Tax’n’spendism charging hand in hand with never-Trumpism into a head-on collision with reality and common sense and the default fallback of a staggeringly ignorant melanin-rich female in case of stroke, runaway Alzheimer’s, or resignation.

8 comments on “Ronsday – Saturday Rant

  1. The radical feminists of the late 60’s and early 70’s, including Gloria Steinem, were actually the world’s first transgenders, wanting to live men’s lives in women’s bodies.

    • I’m guessing the holiday is Juneteenth. PBS where I live is already promoting a full day of programming to celebrate. It’s not like most everything on TV hasn’t been black since the first of the year. They’re only 13% of the population. WTF?

      • That 13% reliably votes Dimocrat. Without those votes the Dimocrat Party would be in trouble. Thus, they have to pander to the Africans. Remember what LBJ said when he passed his War on Poverty about them voting for Dimocrats.

  2. Thanks Ron for mentioning VJ. Funny how her name is barely mentioned all these years when anyone who’s paid attention knows that she is O’moron’s brain. Who’s pulling her strings? Follow the money!

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