Sunday Metal 6-6-2021

It was early 1970. I had just recently got out of the Navy and was attending college. My friend and I were at his friend’s apartment and this song came on. “Who the heck is that?”

“King Crimson.”

I went right out and bought the album. It also had 21st Century Schizoid Man on it.

Yep! That’s Greg Lake singing.

I saw them live once and was pissed that they didn’t play this song.

7 comments on “Sunday Metal 6-6-2021

  1. I pretty much did the same thing around the same time that you did. My cousin Jane had it and played it for for me when I was over for a visit. Totally blew me away……..

  2. Boy does that take me back. I have that album around here somewhere. Black lights, crash pads, hari krishna. If you can remember the 60’s (or early 70’s), you weren’t there!

    • In the 70’s, the Hare Krishna would panhandle along 16th St. in downtown Denver, chinging the hand cymbals the whole time. At Christmas, they would dress as Santa and panhandle. Then they would dress as cowboys and go panhandle the Nat’l Western Stock Show.

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