Ronsday – Oikophobia

Ron opines.

Gettin a li’l annoying, this constant rain & drizzle. Ground’s completely saturated, so any ordinary shower produces street flooding and creates that Rio de Basura across my driveway.

What’s worst, of course, is that doing outside work is not logical. My pruners and trimmers are cord-electrics, so walking around in puddles holding onto devices with 115VAC runnin through ‘em is kinda on the stupid side.

Can’t do the trees, either, ‘cause that requires standin there lookin UP with the rain and drip comin down in my face. Any diggin, of course, is complicated by the hole fillin up with seepage and the shovelful weighin twice as much as normal.

S’pose I COULD run my attery-boperated ‘lectric mower . . . shouldn’t hurt that machine, and there’s no way to ‘lectorcute my dumb ass, but the thing’s so heavy that it’ll leave ruts in the sod.

Guess I COULD watch cop-show re-runs, but that’s just mind pablum, so that leaves me with nothin but readin and writin to at least get some brain exercise while my body atrophies in the extremeties and thickens up around the middle.

Got to thinkin ‘bout the self-righteous, self-appointed, self-anointed elite runnin things as if they were some kinda Murkan Geheime Staatspolizei or Taliban or Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti [KGB].

You know who I mean – the collective Black Congressional Caucuses, the LGBTQ Whatevers, CNN, Facebook, Google, Twitter, NEA, FBI, Howler Monkey AOC, Anti-American Ilhan Omar, and The National Academy of Motion-Picture Arts and Self-Importance who set themselves up to tell the rest of us how to conduct our lives.

In their relentless quest for social justice, for egalitarianism, for freedom from the evil Orangeman, the most wealthy, powerful, and privileged of the Murkan left have developed some sort of bizarre contempt for the country itself and the ordinary people who have little choice but to live here.

In their self-destructive logic which gives them a feeling of superiority over anyone who disagrees with them, they’ve established an imperative wokeness culture which will destroy the traditions, customs, and institutions that have been “American” for two hundred years.

The phenomenon is basically rooted in megalopolises along the left and right coasts, where the gazillionaires live in ivory towers and pay illegal aliens slave wages to do the distasteful chores their lifestyles demand.

Their rallying cry proclaims that the US is a restricted utopia solely for privileged whites but was built by blacks and browns and muslims. It is a decadent tribute to oppression, exploitation, racism, and misogyny. Their goal is elimination of the traditional culture and its replacement with some sort of Alinskyesque wet dream in the name of CRT and Karl Marx.

There’s actually a phobia for this behavior – oikophobia . . . no, I didn’t make it up. You can google it: means an “aversion to or fear of one’s home.” I’d call it “fear of success” or simply “shitstirring.”

What happens in this particular delusionary phobia is that successful people become jaded, complacent, contemptuous of their own prosperity and compare/contrast their environment to some imaginary Shangri-La where unicorns frolic and manna flows from giant government cornucopia.

Forget Schickelgruber’s Tausend Jahre Reich, Mao’s Great Leap Forward, Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution, all of which caused tens of millions of deaths and tens of millions of others to become snitches against each other and label anyone not conforming to the “new norm” as extremist or terrorist or enemy of the state.

It’s where we are, mes amis, smack in the middle of a “woke” cultural revolution bent on wiping out what has worked fine since the 18th century but now is permanently and fatally tainted with “white privilege.” Patriotism is passé, and virtue signaling is today’s cause célèbre.

What they’re missing, though, is the ironic truth that as their oikophobia increases, as the elite’s hate and contempt for the system that elevated them peaks, the hoi polloi develops a stubborn oikophilia (you can look that one up, too) for the culture, the traditions, the history of their society in inverse ratio to the elite’s oikophobia.

So, what it all boils down to is that the rich, the powerful, the self-important have no intention of making any real personal sacrifice to make things better for the oppressed POCs. They fully intend to maintain their positions of elevated status and power and privilege. In other words, it’s all a kabuki act to demonstrate that they’re better than the average white guy on the street and only rednecks with bibles and shotguns and pickup trucks can be racist.