Atlanta Update

I can tell Atlanta is getting back to normal. Traffic sucks. People are out on the interstates again.

Yesterday my sister and BIL drove in from South Carolina and they told me the back up from the I-20/I-285 interchange sucked big time. I didn’t ask them how far it was backed up but it was prolly around five miles which was the norm before the Kung Flu.

We went out to eat yesterday afternoon and the restaurant was doing a pretty brisk business. Had a hard time finding a parking place.

They’re off on a cruise to Iceland and since it’s more economical to fly out of Atlanta, they came here and parked their car in my driveway and I chauffeured them to the airport. They do this on most of their cruises. Of course, this freaks out my cats who hide under the bed for most of their stay. The phrase scaredy cats could have been coined for my kitties.

So I drove them to the airport around noon. Traffic on I-85 was back to what it was before the Kung Flu hit.

So the Atlanta economy is recovering. I just hope that this new Delta variant doesn’t fuck things up. On the bright side, if it does we can blame President * who will be busy blaming Trump. Unfortunately, the Dimocrats in Congress will then pass more legislation paying people to stay home rather than taking all of those available jobs out there.

This country is so messed up.

Thank God I don’t live in Mexifornia, New York, or Michigan.

15 comments on “Atlanta Update

  1. Are they gonna see the volcano? Some pictures might be nice, and we could fantasize about sacrificin’ Tank Abrams to the volcano gods.

  2. Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure about anything getting back to normal whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, anyway. This nation was screwed long before Fauci created the meme flu to peddle Big Pharma’s genetic code altering not-vaccines to fools dense enough to take them.

    It is reasonable to use as gauge for indicating exactly how far in decline this dying empire truly is when fatfuck Americans are in a tizzy over the rationing of craptastic fast foods.

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