How many of you know people who claim they are independents? One of my oldest friends claims he’s one. I saw him two years ago and he was all “Trump’s a dictator”. He gets his news from MSNBC. His wife and her family are Dimocrats. But he’s an independent. I wonder when was the last time he voted for a Republican? Since we live in different states we have grown apart both politically and personally. It’s sad because at one time we were really good friends.

He is the exception to the quote falsely attributed to Churchill, that said If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.

Most of us get more conservative as we get old. Alas, my friend didn’t. He went from conservative to libertarian to “independent”.

I have another friend who sez she votes for the best candidate regardless of party. I’m no sure if she classifies herself as an independent or not. I haven’t asked her. We don’t talk politics. Her father was career Navy so I suspect she leans right.

Now in my opinion an independent (unless you’re talking about Bernie Sanders who is an “Independent”) is someone who hasn’t chosen sides. This country has come to a crossroads. The rat bastard commies have seized control of the Dimocrat Party and are in the process of trying to institute a socialist utopia with a little fascism thrown in for good measure. Wait until the big corporations who think they’re in a fascist state wake up and find their assets seized by the rat bastard commies.

“Wait a minute! We were on your side!”

“You fucked up. You trusted us.”

Meanwhile, the independents who fell for the bullshit spewed by the corporate media will wake up and find out they didn’t get what they voted for. Either that, or they will get caught in the crossfire when the gummint comes and tries to confiscate all of our firearms.

“Wait a minute! I voted for common sense gun control, not confiscation.”

“Tough luck bucko”, said the ATF swat team as they kicked down the door of the independent voter in search of his firearms.

It was the independent voter (along with some manufactured voters in places like Fulton County Georgia) who helped elect President *. How do you like those high gas prices independent voter? At least there are no more mean tweets.

You wanna see fascism independent voter? Look at how the Fake News Media has become the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party. The Russian commies had Pravda. We have the Fake News Media.

We also have Farcebook and Twatter doing the bidding of the Dimocrat Party. Goebbels would have drooled over this.

So independent voter choose wisely although I fear it is too late.

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  1. As of May 24, 2021, I became an Independent. Forty-nine years ago, at age 18, I registered to vote as a Republican, and voted in my first election for Nixon over McGovern. I remained a Republican until just two months ago.

    I leave the now-worthless party of Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Bill Cassidy, Ben Sasse, Rob Portman, and Liz Cheney. The three most important things in real estate are Location, Location, and Location. The three most important people to our nation are Donald Trump, Donald Trump, and Donald Trump.

    Kristen Clarke got confirmed by defector Susan Collins. The Jan. 6th Commission was blocked by Senate Republicans, but they had defectors Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Cassidy, Sasse and Portman.

    Dimocrats win because they never defect. Republicans lose because some defect, and I have had enough of the party of defuctors.

    Most people think of Independents as moderates. This here Independent is not moderate, but an Antonin Scalia-style constructionist that believes in the strict limits of the US Constitution.

    • I believe I used the wrong word above. Antonin Scalia was an “originalist” who believed that the Constitution should be interpreted with the founders’ original meaning.

  2. lol. Independents are always Left-leaning, which always means Liberaltardians. JHFC! Just catching that now Denny? WTF was Justin Amash?

    Nope. The only thing that could possibly save America at this point is pure fascism. Trump was the last hope and in typical boomer fashion he fucked that up as well. Unfortunately, wypipo are just too dumbed-down for anything other to happen.

    At least y’all’s got your “Muh Israel” out of the downfall, boomers.

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  3. I’m an independent, or more officially “unaffiliated”.
    I always have been, since the age of 18.
    I’m a small government constitutional conservative who just wants to be left alone.
    I think the federal government should stick to their small enumerated powers, period.
    I vote Republican 99.something% of the time. I never vote democrat.
    I’ll admit I didn’t trust trump in 2016. Truth be told, I think if the democrats hadn’t tried to destroy him, he probably would have been a “cross the aisle” disaster. They made him a hard core conservative. Like in the comic books, they created their own arch-nemesis.
    I could be wrong, but it’s what I think.

    Lastly, I think political parties were a huge part of creating “the swamp” and the “deep state”and in the end will be a huge part of our downfall as a nation… that and public sector unions… and I refuse to be a part of it.

    But I will vote my conscious, which tends to run fiscally conservative and socially moderate*.

    *(What I consider socially moderate will get me labeled some pretty unpleasant things on social media)

    • I have lurked here for YEARS and never commented. Nothing has ever summed up what I would have said more than this.
      There are a lot of us.

  4. As someone pointed out, the Rats are driving this country over a cliff at 100mph. The Republicans are only going 70mph.

    People in power have ways to hold onto it right down to the voting machine.

    I’m not an independent. I’m just pissed off.

  5. In Commiefornia it used to “Decline to State” if you weren’t Rep, Dem or one of the weird ones like Farmworkers Party or Green, etc. but now they even include American Independent Party which has snared some of the Hollywood types.

  6. “The Russian commies had Pravda. We have the Fake News Media.”
    Please, never forget the Völkischer Beobachter bought by Adolph Hitler in 1923 to serve as the propaganda organ of his Nazi Party.

  7. I’m not so sure we have to worry about gun confiscation. I can’t so much as buy a .410 shotgun shell within 80 miles of my place. I’ve called everywhere. Ammo is gone. Shelves are empty. Boogers came in through the back door.

  8. In January 1977, after President Peanut pardoned the draft resisters and deserters at his inauguration I took another oath – that I would chew off my own right hand at the wrist before allowing it ever to cast another Democrat vote. That oath is still just as valid as my first one.

    I was an active Republican until 1995 when they abandoned Bob Dornan who wanted to challenge Liz Sanchez’s electoral theft of the previous vote, using the new tactic of bussing illegals from poll to poll.

    I am an Independent because I have NO (bleeping) party. I am a “ronin”.


  9. As a proud independent, I have to agree that the “independent” politicians tend to end up on the left, Angus King. Didn’t Bernie go from Dem to Independent?

    Back in 92, I knew I could not support either party whole heartedly, the republicans will destroy the environment to make a buck, and the dems will tax the shit out of us to provide for those that won’t provide for themselves.

    Quite frankly, it annoys me that folks go into the voting booth and look at the party affiliations to decide their votes. The 2 party system is broken, continues to increase the divide and makes people just stupid, as they don’t think for themselves.

    And it wasn’t the independent voter that cost Trump the election, it was his 4 years of Bullying and belittling people that did that. He forgot he wasn’t a New York businessman role, he wasn’t on Apprentice anymore. He continued to separate the nation and wasn’t Presidential when we needed him to be.

    I proudly voted against Hillary, knowing that Trump was a wild card, hoping our country would wake to fuck up and we would have people we really wanted to be the President of our great country.

    Needless to say, I voted for every but Biden and Trump. And I’m willing to bet, that’s what a lot of independents that voted did.

      • Inflation sucks, but I made over 5 grand trading in a big gas hog we bought to drive cross country last year, and now have a plug in hybrid that currently has 1700 miles and we filled it once.

        And it’s not like my vote changed the election. Just think if we didn’t have the current 2 party system, where select few people really have the power and we may have a choice between 2 controlled power hungry folks.
        I spent 4 years telling myself that voting for trump was going to change DC and folks would realize shit needed to change.

        Then we have Biden and Trump to chose from, I voted my beliefs, neither of them. Like Trump said, the stole it anyways right, so it’s not like all those votes Trump lost mattered anyways.

        Sorry, but the way the President of The US treats people is important to me, the the POS responds to a health “scare” or “crisis” is important to me.
        Trump was trying to get shit done, again, he just forgot he wasn’t in a New York Business role.

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